How to Become a Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists may be born with some of the innate abilities that make them good at what they do, such as being creative and good with people, but there’s also much you can learn in school. If you aspire to be a marketing specialist, your first step is to obtain a degree in marketing. You can also study business or communications. Whatever you choose to study, expect to spend a lot of time training in your individual specialty after college.

Skills and Education

  • All marketing professionals need to be organized and creative, with strong organizational and communications skills. As a marketing specialist, however, you also need skills specific to your particular niche. If you want to specialize in market research, you must be good at crunching numbers and analyzing data. If you want to specialize in brand management or consultant, you need the ability to work effectively with clients. To gain expertise, attend as many marketing events and seminars as you can, and get advice and support from professors and fellow marketers to learn more about your strengths and where you should specialize.

Getting a Job

  • If your university offers recruiting fairs, attend them to network with potential employers. Outside of college, look for entry-level jobs in sales or marketing, either at marketing firms or individual companies that want in-house marketing specialists. Examples of entry-level jobs include assistant brand manager jobs, social media managers and sales associate jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that market research analysts and marketing specialists earned a mean annual wage of $67,780 as of 2013. However, the bottom 10 percent of earners — which likely includes a lot of entry-level professionals — earned $33,490 per year or less.

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