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Happy New Year

  • Every Year January 1 is celebrated as New Year worldwide
  • New Year is a day that brings joy and happiness in everybody’s mind
  • This day is celebrated with lot of parties, events and parties right from previous evening
  • People wear new dresses on this day and make merry with music and dance
  • New Year is day that is considered as a head start for many new things in life

Happy New Year : (Short Essay)

Every year is a new blessing for us from God and we need to thank Him for the same. A New Year is a blossom in our life and it is worth celebrating the day. It is a simple and known fact that January 1 is fabulously celebrated as the greatest and most important day all across the world. This day is considered as a day filled with great fun and enthusiasm. New Year is a special day for each person because it is time for welcoming another year, enjoying with family and friends, having fun and taking resolutions for the upcoming year. Many people wear new clothes and exchange gifts on this day. Schools, offices and colleges are filled with parties and programs the previous day. New Year is observed as an International Holiday and we can see shops and malls crowded on this day.

Happy New Year : (Brief Essay)

We all are fond of celebrations; but a day that brings people of all customs and traditions to one point is much more enthusiastic. Such a wonderful day is New Year and this day is considered an International Holiday. New Year that is January 1 (according to the Gregorian calendar) is one of the most favorite and much celebrated days in the world.

New Year Day varies from country to country; tradition to tradition; but January 1 is officially declared the New Year all over the world. Apart from this day, every country/tradition/religion celebrated its New Year in its own way. In most of the country, people get busy with the preparations for New Year a month ahead, that is, in December.

On this New Year day:

  • People go to church/temples/mosques to pray God and thank Him for the brand New Year
  • People wear new dresses and exchange gifts to one another
    It is filled with fun everywhere and when the clock struck 12
  • people light fireworks to welcome the New Year
  • People meet their family and friends and spend time with them shopping, going out or celebrating the New Year
  • Everyone take Resolutions that they decide to follow rest of the year and the upcoming years

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