Happiest Day of My Life


4 Lines – Happiest Day of My Life

  • My mother’s birthday is the happiest day of my life
  • She is the best gift I ever got from God
  • Without her I am nothing today and that is why I am grateful to her always
  • Every year, I spend the whole day with my mom on her birthday

Happiest Day of My Life : (Short Essay)

Each and every day is a blessing from God. When I wake up every day, I thank Almighty for adding one more day to my life. In such a way, I got a very special opportunity to prove myself one day. I have been winning various painting contests both in state level and national level. Our principal was already impressed by my explicit ability. He sent the most special works of mine to a set of editors in the city. I was absolutely unaware of it. Surprisingly one fine morning I got a magazine delivered to my door. When I saw the magazine cover I was speechless. I felt so obliged to my principal that day. And – that was the happiest day of my life.

Happiest Day of My Life : (Brief Essay)

The day I won State Championship in Yoga is the happiest day of my life. Last year, I was all set to participate in State Championship Competition. For the same, almost 1200 Yoga students had already enrolled. I was frightened inside but was courageous enough to go for it.

My Yoga master gave me intense training and I was practicing with great zeal. My parents were confident that I will definitely bring home the Championship.

Having won a range of contests in Yoga, it was the first time competing with such a huge number of contestants. The big day came. My parents and master accompanied me to the stadium. It was such a huge arena that even my parents were dumbstruck. Not only Yoga but various other contests were happening in each corner of the stadium.

As I enrolled my name, I got an allotment number. I was supposed to perform first on stage. There were 4 judges who were ready to evaluate my postures. I performed all the asanas (postures) I practiced in just 3 minutes. Though the asanas were tough I proved myself in a very short duration. Once I completed all my asanas the whole group of spectators came up with a huge round of applause. It took more than 5 hours for all the performers to complete their show. The end of the competition was undeniably a shocking surprise to my parents and me. I made my Yoga Master proud that day. The surprise unveiled and it became the happiest day of my life – I won the State Championship in Yoga on (Date).

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