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The world wide web has made it easier than ever to get free legal forms without the hassle of hiring counsel to fill out forms for you. Here’s a look at getting legal forms for free.

There are several websites online that provide legal forms for free for you to use. You don’t need to pay for blank legal forms, although you will find sites where you need to pay to belong or to use their services.

You have the right to access many blank legal forms for free, so avoid any sites that ask for payment. You will find websites that provide free forms for individual countries, territories and states and you should be able to find the exact legal forms you need, regardless of your location. These websites are easy to locate and most are really easy to use; you can even find sites that offer instructions for completing forms correctly.

The available forms are listed according to category, in alphabetical order, or you can do a search within the site for the legal form you need. Simply download the form, print it, fill it in and mail it. You can also fill the form online if you want to email it when you have finished.

Before you start filling a form in, make sure the website has editing capabilities in case you need to change an entry you have made. You will find many sites where no special software needs to be downloaded before you can begin, and this makes the whole process even easier.

So, where do you start? Type ‘free legal forms’ into your search engine to locate a results list of websites offering the service. Click on some sites to find one with an easy to use format that has the form you need; you need to feel comfortable using the site. Go into the website you selected and open the legal form you want to use.

To fill the form online, simply highlight each field and type your details, using bold type to make it easy to read. If you want to fill the form by hand, then print out the form to fill in.

Some editing is sure to be needed; you might make a mistake, there may be fields you don’t need or you might have to give extra information in a field where there isn’t enough space. Just make sure you keep the fields in the same order they were in the original document.

When you have finished, double check all the information you have put in, and make any changes that are necessary. Then save a copy to the hard drive on your computer, under a file name you will remember, so you have it for easy reference later on. All you need now is to email it.

If your signature is needed on the form or something needs to be witnessed, you will have to print out the completed form. Just click on ‘print’ on the tool bar on your screen. You can either mail it or scan it to your computer for emailing.

When using a website to access free legal forms, check that the site is using the latest version of the form you needFind Article, otherwise your form could be returned. The most reliable websites are the government sponsored ones.


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