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First Stone’s story is quite impressive and inspiring as it believes that baby steps and foundation stones are the most important steps of achieving a normal or a heightened dream. FS Realty is one such baby which has just been born, yet is hard working and dedicated towards perfection. The projection of desires, resting on its strong groundwork has more value than building a dream as such. First Stone is all about believing in human dreams and magically turning them into realty. Still in its growing phase, FS Realty has about 3 million Sq.Ft under construction at the present. Below is a list of the projects that are taken up by First Stone and their details.



The Crest

THE CREST Walk-through – Luxury homes near Marriott, Jaipur

The Crest is an innovative and high scale project which covers about 65,000 sq.ft landscape. It is located near Jaipur Marriott. It is surrounded by verdant tropical gardens. As you take a stroll through the paths that are built, you would be taken aback by the serene sounds of the waterfall. The basic design philosophy of “The Crest” is a combination of both local and exotic extracts of the nature. If you are looking for 3bhk flats or 4 or 5bhk flats in Jaipur, in a peaceful environment, FS Realty is the perfect solution.

Platinum and The Crown

If urban luxury is your thing, you would absolutely love Platinum and The Crown. They are situated in the poshest enclave. To add on, they share a wall with Marriott. They are is located in a place which connects you to almost every landmark and every corner of the city. Living here would reflect absolute class and lavishness as the package consists of a library, a swimming pool, a rooftop garden, a well equipped gym, salon, spa etc. Your investment in this heavenly surrounding will bring you back a lot of comfort and happiness as your money is in the right hands.


Check out Pinnacle Walk-Through, Luxury Homes in the heart of city Jaipur

Pinnacle is situated in the heart of city, thereby connecting you to most important places around. The International Airport is just a few minutes away. Pinnacle is a dream-come-true for people who hold themselves high, not just metaphorically, but literally. Your eyes would be treated with the view of the entire city beneath. It stands 2 storeys tall and is a piece of architectural excellence.


Coronation is a grand blend of luxury and beauty, leading to an esteemed lifestyle. Its magnificent interiors are a home to creativity. It provides 2bhk, 3bhk and 4bhk flats too. Every flat which is under the roof of Coronation has been personalized exclusively, to provide a unique sense of euphoria in every flat.

Along with all these achievements and dedication, 2 million square feet will be added by March 2017 across North India. FS Realty is an inspiration for every dreamer, big or small, to accomplish the same in the most gracious manner possible. All these projects simply aim at making your home, a home filled with joy and good vibes. Only when the foundation is strong, the growth gets stronger.

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