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If you are serious about blogging then this question might have come to your mind whether or not to choose a free web hosting service or directly go for a paid one. Well, many budding bloggers go through this phase and take a step in hurry only to regret later. Bluehost black Friday deal and other discount offers on hosting are going on but should you go for them?

So what should you actually opt for? Here in this article I will share basic differences between free web hosting and paid web hosting so that it becomes easier for you to choose the right web hosting service according to your preference and the type of website you are going to put up.

  1. Server

    With free web hosting service you will get limited web server resources because you are actually going to put up your blog in a single web server which is also handling many other blogs like yours. This means you will have a limited space, bandwidth and there are no chances for your blog to get maximum exposure.

    On the other hand a paid web hosting service will give you a huge space, unlimited bandwidth and you will be able to expand your internet presence for more.

  2. Professionalism

    With the free web hosting service you will not get a blog that looks professional. You will remain stuck under a single banner that is the name of the company that you are relying upon. You will get a sub-domain and not a real domain and the name of the company will always follow your unique blog address somewhat like this:

    which clearly shows the name of the company that you are using to host your blog.

    If you are using a paid web hosting company then your website seem more professional and that will also build a confidence in your possible client whoever will stumble into your website.


    Forget about getting any support from a free web hosting company. You will have to man handle all the problems by yourself that you face whenever you are in trouble. This is really a big issue for beginners but if you are using a paid web hosting service then you will get all kinds of supports ranging from live chat options to phone calls. You will get a separate team of people who will handle all the technical issues while you manage all your offline activities related to your website.

  3. Guarantee

    Free web hosting service has no guarantee at all which means it will not last forever and chances are that your web hosting service will shut down their service any time. This means all your hard work and dedication if by any chance you are serious about blogging will go in vain.

    Although even paid web hosting doesn’t last forever they will come with back up option which means that you can save your website’s content and even download them and change the present web hosting service anytime and then continue from the point you just stopped.

Having a free web hosting service doesn’t mean that you will benefit from it. Forget about earning from your blog by using a free web hosting service.

Everything will become limited and the company you are relying upon will use your blog to put up ads and irritating pop-ups. Why do you think they are providing free service in the first place?

These are some of the difference between free and paid web hosting service. Although there are much more things that I have left out but for the novice blogger it is essential to learn these basic facts to make the right decision.

So, if you are serious about blogging and thinking of building a promising business online you cannot just make use of the free web hosting service as that will just ruin all your plans.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/11/2016

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