Four benefits of a digital sign-in system


Four benefits of a digital sign-in system

The average school or college receives numerous visitors in any one day. Signing these visitors in can be a time-consuming process for your administration staff, particularly if they are relying on an old-fashioned, paper-based visitor book.


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Digital sign-in systems provide a quick and convenient way for visitors to gain access to a facility. Utilising the latest technology, people can sign in using a mobile phone or tablet.

Quick and convenient

Visitors, contractors and temporary staff will be greeted with a professional signing in system that takes seconds to use. No more time is wasted signing people in, preparing visitor passes and attempting to decipher illegible handwriting in the visitor book. Information is recorded in an accurate way for every visitor.

Free up staff time

Signing in visitors manually is time consuming. With an automated system your school secretary or administrator will be free to concentrate on other important tasks. As the sign-in screen is portable, visitors will still be able to access the premises even when admin staff are running errands or taking a lunch break.

Enhanced security

Digital sign-in systems provide an instant report of who is in the building at any one time, with the added benefit of being able to access historical data and keep track of frequent visitors. In the case of a fire or security alert, the report will tell you who is present at the time of the incident. Having such a system in place provides an additional safeguarding measure, which could improve your status at school inspections.

Option for branding

There are options for branding the main screen so you can display your logo and also add a customised message that will appear when visitors sign in. If required, you can print out visitor or ID badges to distribute to people. Once you have a visitor signed into the system, you have the option to communicate with them via SMS or text should it become necessary to get an urgent message to them.

Schools, colleges, children’s centres and other educational facilities can all benefit from a visitor management system to replace the old-fashioned visitor book. Such a system will not only provide increased security but will also make it possible to welcome visitors with ease and track exactly who is in the building at any one time.

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