Essay Writing Develops Mind Flexibility


If you asked students if they could come up with some disadvantages to writing an essay, they would have no problem coming up with hundreds of them. But if you asked them to come up with some advantages, they would probably just roll their eyes and treat you like you are crazy. The majority of students believe that essay writing requires writing help and ask essay writing service to write essays.

However, essay writing can be beneficial in many ways, even if you do not become one of those first-class essay writers. For one thing, it helps boost cognitive flexibility by virtue of essay structure and requirements.

Coming up With a Thesis

A thesis statement is only one or two sentences long, but it is one of the most important parts of an essay and it requires a substantial degree of cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to look at things in new ways, come up with new solutions to problems and easily switch from one concept to another.

To come up with a good thesis one needs to understand the topic and look at it from different angles in order to develop a new point of view.

Having to Take a Side

When choosing a thesis statement one needs to analyze a number of arguments and take a side . While doing that, it is not uncommon for a student to change his/ her initial stance after being convinced by the arguments put forward by someone else. This ability is an important feature of cognitive flexibility.


The reason why many students opt for essay help is that they feel incapable of coming up with something other than paraphrasing and quoting. So, how can one write an original essay on the subject which has already been covered by thousands of other writers ( professors included ) ? The answer is : by defending a minority opinion. To do that, one needs to develop a point of view opposite to the one defended by the majority of authors, by picking holes in their arguments and finding one’ s own voice.

Thinking About Multiple Concepts Simultaneously

One needs to think about a plethora of things while writing an essay. Choosing a thesis statement, brainstorming and doing a research, analyzing different arguments, structuring an essay, choosing the right words, checking for grammar and spelling errors. To be able to do all of these things successfully one needs to be good at multitasking, which is another important characteristic of cognitive flexibility.

Thinking Outside the Box

The majority of students who are writing their college admission essay choose a mainstream topic, something that sounds highbrow and academic. Carolina Williams got into Yale by writing an essay about pizza. The reason why her essay impressed college admission officers is that she chose an ordinary topic but wrote about it in an extraordinary way. She could have gone with the flow, but she decided to try a different concept and it brought her success. This is where essay writing can be extremely helpful: one learns to think on his/ her own.


Contrary to what one may think, brainstorming is not about reading as many papers as possible, but learning to discriminate between what is relevant and what is not. No matter what is the topic of an essay, it is highly likely that it has been covered in hundreds of papers. It is neither important nor possible to read through all of them, but only to read through the ones which support a thesis statement and can help a student to develop an argument. This is where cognitive flexibility is a great asset.

While a lot of students defend their hatred of essay writing by claiming that they will never need that skill, because they do not intend to become writers, they are not quite right. Essay writing develops cognitive flexibility which is a required asset in every profession, regardless of whether it involves writing or not. To be able to write a good essay, one needs to be prepared to come up with a number of different solutions to one problem, including those he/ she never thought about before , thus discovering a new path.

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