Essay on What can I do for a Clean India- Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan


Here we are with Essay on What can I do for a Clean India describing about the need of making India clean and how can we contribute to get complete clean and pollution free India. Read about Essay on What can I do for a Clean India.

Essay on What can I do for a Clean India

Once Mahatma Gandhi said that, “Sanitation is more important than Independence” and today after the 70 years of Independence, we are still struggling to get completely clean India. Our Government had started Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan on 2 October in 2014 with a dream to create a clean India by 2019. But this mission cannot be accomplished without the complete participation of people. It is very essential that we all should participate in the clean India drive whole heartedly to get the real feeling of physical, mental, social and intellectual well being.

What can I do for a Clean India? Just to take a broom and clean the roads is not sufficient, there is more to it. How many of us actually make a serious effort to clean our surroundings, I guess not much. When we see an unattended garbage, filthy roads, dirty rivers and poor sanitation conditions we immediately start blaming the Government but what about our social responsibilities? We all love to keep our home clean but do not bother about the surroundings and start blaming the others. To get clean India is not as difficult as it seems, there are very few simple things or habits which we can adopt in our day-to-day life to get clean India.

• Most of us have a bad habit of disposing the rubbish such as paper, cans, and bottles right where we are sitting or standing, no matter it is a street, garden, the water bodies, or surroundings we use all of them as a dustbin. But this not a good habit, throw waste in dustbin only. Throwing thrash at wrong places never goes away, ever. One should sort the garbage (Biodegradable and non-biodegradable) before dumping it as it’s one of the most effective way of controlling the garbage disposal crises of the world. First start yourself then encourage your neighbors to do the same. By adapting this simple habit you will see a major change in your surroundings. So Don’t Litter, throw waste in right dustbin only.

• Don’t encourage spitting, smoking or urinate in open as it not only make the place dirty but unhygienic too, immediately condemn people if found doing so.

• Do not use Plastic bags, containers or disposable as plastic is no biodegradable material, leave so many negative impacts on environment. Plastic bags are harmful to wildlife and marine life. So carry a cloth or paper bag with you when you go out for shopping and encourage the others to do the same. Say NO to plastic bags and always dispose it in dustbins. Always use the things that can be reuse and recycle so that wastage can be reduced.

• It’s very important to clean your surrounding and protect our environment so plant trees around your house. Making India clean is not only the responsibility of government or MCD but it’s our collective duty too as we are the one who need clean India for better future and healthy lifestyle. To keep our surroundings clean one can collect money to install the dustbins in the places where littering is done on the road or open place, encourage the people to follow the cleaning rules. You can also join any NGOs working in your area towards cleaning of India or at least contribute in their noble cause in some way.

• Children are the future of any country and if they learn the cleaning habits in childhood than it will remain with them forever so teach Children about Cleanliness and Sanitation.

• Do not destroy or litter public properties. To get clean and pollution free environment encourage Car Pooling or use Public transportation this will reduce fuel wastage and also reduce the emission of harmful gases when fuel get burned.

By adopting these simple habits one can contribute in the movement of Clean India, always remember cleanliness is next to godliness which means being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness.

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