Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make big change


Here we are with Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make big change describing how to conserve fuel for better future and why we need fuel conservation. Read about Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make big change. Even a small steps of fuel conservation can make big change.

Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make big change

Fuel is an essential part of our life almost everything we use in our day to day life is run by fuel. From cooking to automobiles fuel plays a vital role and it’s impossible to imagine the life without this important resource. But in today scenario we are using fuel in such a reckless manner that soon it going to be vanished from our planet. Petroleum Conservation Research Association is encouraging fuel conservation to reduce gasoline consumption and increase the alternative sources of energy. But unless we the mankind do not conserve fuel and use renewable sources of energy, the problems cannot be solved.

Excessive and unplanned use of fuel is not only a threat for future generation but our present getting badly affected too. We all know that when fossils fuel get burned harmful carbon dioxide gas released which is the prime cause of global warming. Rise in temperature has many harmful results such as melting of glaciers, flooding of low lying areas and rise in sea levels. If such conditions continue, our planet might face some serious consequences in near future. Besides damaging the environment, air pollution can result in many health hazards like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or COPD and lung cancer. Due to fuel scarcity we have to import it from other countries at a very high price that directly or indirectly effect economic development of India. Rise in petrol diesel prices, bad quality of fuel is all because of rising demands for petroleum. Thus, fuel conservation must be given a place in the society.

We have to conserve fuel no matter how but everyone should take a pledge to save fuel. It is our collective responsibility to consign a healthy and prosperous planet for our future generations. Being parents it is our moral responsibility to give healthy and safe environment to our kids. If each one of us uses fossil fuels sensibly along with using renewable fuels, we can surely save our environment as well as future for the coming generations.

How small steps of fuel conservation can make big change

There are many ways to conserve fuel, we can save fuel in our day to day to life with little care and techniques. The best to conserve fuel is the use of alternative sources of energy like solar and water energy.

Fuel can be conserved by proper use of vehicles. Use of Bicycles and walking must be encouraged that will be a good exercise for our body and maintain proper health. We must encourage Carpooling or scooter pool in a broad manner that can save fuel and there will be less traffic on road so save from long traffic jams too. Use public transport like Metro, Buses and sharing cabs all will be helpful in conserving fuel. Air conditioners must not be used every time, they should be only used during extreme heat. Always keep your vehicles maintained, regular services can reduce the fuel wastage. This will not only save fuel but saves our money too. Fuel conservation must be practiced as a daily habit.
The best way to conserve fuel is using alternative sources of energy. The ever increasing demand for energy cannot be fulfill by the use of fossil fuels only use of renewable energy sources is the best option in today scenario. Solar, water and wind energy can surely help in fuel conservation. Taking both environmental and economic cost, solar energy works cheaper than fossil fuel resources, also a clean and nonpolluting option. Once we master techniques to harness solar energy, it can be a vital source of power across the entire planet.

The rise in economic activity and trade has increase the demand of transport sector which means more vehicles leads to more use of fuel and pollution. Use of Electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads can be the solution of this problem. The Government must promote and encourage people to replace their pollution causing vehicles with smart zero-emission vehicles.

At last it can be said that if we have to conserve our fossil fuels and save our health and environment from the adverse effects of using fossil fuels than we must have to think out fuel conservation seriously.

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