Essay on Role of IT in making India corruption free


Here we are with 500 words Essay on Role of IT in making India corruption free describing how information technology is helpful in controlling corruption and making India corruption free. Read about Essay on Role of IT in making India corruption free.

Essay on Role of IT in making India corruption free

Information technology (IT) is a general purpose technology plays an important role in economic growth, as well as other dimensions of economic and social development. The contribution of India’s IT industry to economic progress has been quite significant. The rapidly expanding socio-economic infrastructure has proved to be of great use in supporting the growth of Indian information technology industry. Information Technology also has the potential to make a significant contribution to fight against corruption.

By facilitating the flow of information between government institutions, between government and citizens, as well as among citizens, new technologies can promote transparency, accountability and civic participation. Implementation of e-government solutions often resulted in a considerable reduction of the levels of corruption. Although new technologies are increasingly seen by governments and anti-corruption practitioners as a transformation tool and a game-changer but very limited research has been undertaken to measure the actual impact of IT on corruption at the macro-level. Technology innovations can be used by governments to improve the efficiency and transparency of public administration and to better communicate with and provide information to citizens. It can also be used by citizens and civil society to raise awareness about the issue of corruption, to report abuses, to collect data and to monitor government activities.

Technology provides effective new channels to report administrative abuses and corruption, and facilitate the lodging of complaints via websites, hotlines or phone applications that solicit and aggregate citizen’s experience of corruption. Information technology can also be used to promote more direct interactions between governments and citizens and empower citizens to influence local governance in their constituency through the use of SMS and the Web. IT can also be used for citizen mobilization and awareness raising campaigns. Mobile applications can be designed to reach the majority of mobile subscribers through outreach/publicity campaigns using SMS.

Latest Information technology increasingly used by governments all over the world to deliver government information and services to citizens, to enhance the efficiency and transparency of public administration and to better interact with citizens. E-government plays an increasingly important role in the promotion of participatory and inclusive development and democracy, and has grown in parallel to the rising demand for government transparency and accountability. E-procurement was one of the first applications of IT in government activities that can reduce administrative costs, speed up the process, increase transparency, facilitate monitoring, encourage cross-border competition and support the development of a centralized procurement administration
E-taxation use for tax collection and payment make the system more transparent and efficient, and to cut out potential corrupt tax collectors also accelerate the tax processing time and ease the process of paying taxes. E-judiciary system offer considerable potential to improve the way the judiciary operates both nationally and internationally making court proceedings more transparent and efficient.

The digitization of the procedure to obtain an identity card, E-ID cards and bio metric proof of identity captured in electronic authentication mechanisms can have the potential to make the system more accessible, transparent and accountable. Such initiatives can reduce corruption.

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