Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society


Here we with 300 words Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society describing about the importance of newspaper in our day to day life to keep updated ourselves. Read about Essay on Newspaper importance.

Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society

It is human to be curious and it is also our duty to be alert as a citizen. Therefore, we must keep ourselves abreast with the latest events. There are many means and modes to gain information about the happenings around us. A newspaper is one of them. Even in this fast paced world of internet and mobile news, one still enjoys the morning cup of tea with the newspaper.

Newspapers have played a significant role in history as well. They were the very first mode of communication in the pre-independence around the world. Soon the indigenous newspapers were used as a medium to spread the nationalist movement. They became a major forum to formulate public opinion and share distress of people in remote areas.
Newspapers continue to ignite the spark of social causes even now. They have become an important tool for raising the voice of the common man. The efforts put in by The Times of India and the Jang Group of Pakistan in bringing people of the two countries and their views together is commendable. They also organize cultural programs thus giving a ready platform for thee two cultures to blend.

It addition to providing latest national and international news, scientific advancements and sports news, newspapers also ;offer editorials, classifieds and space for reader’s views. The editorial section chiefly consists of views on social issues, debates and perspectives. People advertise their goods and services through the classified section. Employers advertise jobs and vacancies through newspapers which are very useful for the unemployed.

Newspapers also have a separate column for properties on rent, sale and purchase. They also advertise proposals from all castes and communities for grooms as well as brides. Thus newspapers become a platform for commercial activities as well as forming personal relationships.

Newspapers are disturbed widely throughout the country and therefore, carry the responsibility of providing accurate and foolproof information. False allegations can demean a person’s image and also arouse ill feelings amongst the masses. Such news misleads the masses, but they are now becoming a popular means to boost sales. Some magazines accompanying the main paper are full of news from the glamour world. They are basically targeted to attract the youth, and increase the sales. Newspapers are the voice of a nation and they should thus reflect the true culture and spirit of the country.

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