Essay On My Vision Corruption Free India- Corruption Free India

Here we are with Essay On My Vision Corruption Free India describing how to get Corruption Free India and why we need a Corruption Free country. Read about paragraph on My Vision Corruption Free India.

Essay on My Vision Corruption Free India

In August 1942 “Quit India” slogan was chanted by the nation asking the British to leave India and within five years British actually quit India. After 70 years of Independence in the same month of August Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given one more slogan to nation “Corruption Free India”. Corruption is not a new term for us almost every day we heard about this evil and ill effects. Many global rating agencies continue to rate India as among the most corrupt countries in the world.

Corruption enters in the roots of nation, sorry to say but every one of us is corrupt in one and the same way. People don’t look down on corruption because they have accepted it as a way of life. Corruption free India is like a dream which I often see. My Vision for Corruption Free India is to get a nation free from black money, terrorism, illegal activities, where all section of society get basic facilities of life (Food, Accommodation, Education and Employment). I want a happy India where honest politicians and bureaucrats will work hard for people’s welfare instead of satisfying their own hunger of money and power. The cancer of corruption preventing India from becoming a prosperous and developed nation. But all is not lost. The power of vote gives us the power to change the corrupt officials and elect educated, honest, hardworking and leaders.

Corruption free India can be achieved with the collective support of common people, government and judiciary. India of my dreams should be practical and sustainable enough to accommodate all its citizens happily. An ideal India should be free from corruption and all other social evils. Good education is the key to get this kind of India as value education can helpful in curbing corruption and fighting poverty directly or indirectly so it should be the part of school curriculum for sure. Now days Honesty is treated as outdated, we need to make honesty as the new trend and the scenario will change itself. Apart from political economic changes, the changed social values have also contributed to the rampant corruption in the country.

Let’s take a pledge to make our India corruption free, say no to bribe. Do not break law and orders or use your contacts, money or power to get your work done. To eradicate corruption we all have to come together and fight and against it by raising our voice high against the corrupt system and officials.