Essay on Importance of water- Essay on Water importance


Here we are with Essay on Importance of water describing why water is important and how do we conserve it better for our good health and environment. Read Essay on Importance of water.

Essay on Importance of water

Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth, life without water is not possible. Earth is the only planet on which life can be possible, because water is available here only. Water is required by all living things as well as needed to keep the atmosphere clean. Water is equally important for our life as much as breathing. It is like the nectar on the earth, with the touch of which we all get new life.

Life without water cannot be imagined so we should respect it and not waste it. We need water to drink, cook food, bath, wash etc. Water is also used by farming to grow food, fire extinguishing and fishing. Not only human beings plants, animals and all living beings require water to live their life and carrying its functions. Water also required for power generation and a useful means of transportation. So think if the water is not there, then how life will go smoothly.

Almost 71 percent of the surface of the earth is covered with water, but 96 percent of the water is not potable due to being salted. The sources of freshwater resources like rivers, lakes and groundwater are very low and this source is also dependent on rainfall. If there is no rain, then there will be no drinking water. The amount of groundwater is also decreasing day by day. Therefore, every drop of water is precious, it should not be wasted. We should always use clean and pure water for drinking. But today water pollution has become a serious problem. We all have to work together to prevent this problem and save water from being polluted.

Today, in the absence of water and rain many of India’s states are facing drought. The farmer is unable to cultivate because of lack of rain, and forced to commit suicide to get rid from debt burden. Water is an invaluable gift given by nature. So do not ruin it neither polluted, otherwise that day will not far when we all suffer for a single drop of water.

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