Essay on how we can make our atmosphere healthy


Here we are with 700 words Essay on how we can make our atmosphere healthy describing about the steps you can take to make our atmosphere healthy and clean. Read on to know the Essay on how we can make our atmosphere healthy.

Essay on how we can make our atmosphere healthy

We all heard the term Atmosphere many times but actually what it means when we say Atmosphere? Atmosphere is a mixture of useful gases in balanced amount nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%) and other gases (1%) commonly known as Air that surrounds Earth. We read and hear so much about atmosphere that one could almost get bored with the topic but do we really afford to ignore the importance of it. Here is the answer Atmosphere protects life on Earth by absorbing ultraviolet radiation, warming the surface through heat retention and reducing the temperature extremes between day and night so now we know that we really need atmosphere not keep us alive only but all the living things on the earth.

Why do we need healthy and clean atmosphere? We need healthy atmosphere as it is like a home for us. If it is not clean and healthy, we will not be healthy either. It provides the air we breathe, the food we grow on it, the water we drink, the temperature range we can live in and the protection from many harmful radiations. Let us give some serious thought to the very basic thing a clean oxygenated air we all need to live. But we are not getting even this most basic ingredient of our life these days as atmosphere is so full of harmful gases through pollutants that we have a smog filled atmosphere now. If there is not enough oxygen in air, we would not survive and a polluted air will lead to many health hazards. A clean atmosphere is essential for human health and well-being.

We generally thought that such a serious issue can’t be fixed by the efforts of an individual. But in real, a small step taken by every individual will make a difference and bring positive result. So let us take that one important step to enhance the quality of our air and make it clean and healthy. So how we can make our atmosphere healthy?
The first step to make our atmosphere healthy is the judicious and better use our natural resources like energy, water etc. without wasting them and conserving them wherever possible. To save energy use electricity only when required and keep it off when not in use. Water is also a very precious natural resource so use it wisely and conserve it without wasting even a single drop. Do not pollute the water by dumping chemical waste into river and other resources of water. Why we need to conserve our natural resources to make atmosphere healthy? We do so because by reducing the use of natural resources, we have to create considerably less energy through fossil fuels which emits harmful gases in atmosphere leading to pollutants in the air, also causing imbalance in our ecosystem that sustains all forms of life including plants and animals.

To get healthy atmosphere leave your car at home and encourage the carpool system as every time you drive solo you add carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases to the environment so carpool system will reduce the amount and you will get less polluted air. More and more people are interested in going green, buying organic, and ultimately protecting the environment, for a number of different reasons which again lead to a healthy atmosphere. Plant a tree in your yard will give you many benefits like it reduce your air-conditioning costs by providing shade, pull carbon dioxide out of the environment and create oxygen, improve water quality and provide you cool and calm surroundings. Use renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, to reduce dependency on fossil fuels for energy needs. Use solar panels at your home for energy generation and to use this energy in your day to day work like cooking food, generating electricity etc.

These are the ways by which we can contribute in making our atmosphere healthy and pollution free which leads to a disease free, healthier and fruitful life. As clean and healthy atmosphere is the right of our future generation so we have to act now to give a healthy atmosphere to them so that they can have a pollution fee environment to grow and survive.

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