Essay on Eradicate Corruption Build a New India- Corruption free India


Here we are with Essay on Eradicate Corruption Build a New India describing how we can eradicate corruption to make a new corruption free India. Read Essay on Eradicate Corruption Build a New India.

Essay on Eradicate Corruption Build a New India

Corruption is known to everyone, as soon as we hear the word, we see the face of those corrupt government servants who consider taking Bribe as their birthright. But are only the government employees responsible for corruption by taking bribe, we too are partners in enhancing corruption by giving bribe to get work done fast or when some illegal work to do. In India, corruption has become a major problem today, eating our country from inside like a termite. Corruption has become so common in India that the people are now found to be a part of their lives by not seeing this as a problem.

Corruption is affecting the development of the country from all social, economic and political aspects. Today, India is counted among the world’s three most corrupt countries. Corruption in India is the result of bureaucracy, politics and alliance between the criminals. There was a time when a bribe was given to do wrong work, but now it requires bribe to do the right thing at the right time.

Can we able to eradicate corruption which has settled in the roots of our country today. To eliminate corruption, we will need honest people, and undoubtedly these people are hard to see these days. According to a proverb, violence starts in the mind. This is also true for corruption. To get rid from corruption only making strict laws will not be helpful, those laws should be implemented strongly too. If anyone gets caught by giving or taking bribe, then he should get a strict punishment. If we change our thinking then we can definitely eliminate the monster called corruption.

We all are equally responsible for corruption. We break the law and in order to avoid the punishment, we bribe the concerned officer. This is just an example, we all give bribe to one or the other way to get our work done. But what if we all follow rules and regulation, do not break laws, and if broken, then accept the punishment by paying the appropriate penalty then there is no need to pay the bribe. If we change ourselves and our attitude, then it might be possible that corruption get completely eliminated from our society.

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