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Loss of data causes one to instantly panic. Some of this data could be your only copy of an urgent contract, the only photos of your wedding or honeymoon, rare audios, emails and other files that are equally important. Whether the data is stored in your memory card, SD card, hard drive, PC, laptop, digital camera, SSD or any other storage platform, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is your ideal software for recovery.

The wizard recovers data that has been deleted, or lost through age and damage of the memory device. It will help you recover data that is corrupted by viruses. Did you format your memory device by accident or would like to recover this information? This wizard comes in handy to help you in recovery. It will reverse loss by system crush, a lost partition or failure of the memory device.

Easy And Safe Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free provides a step by step wizard of recovering lost data. This means that you do not require prior experience in data recovery to successfully retrieve this information. There is a preview phase where you can review the files available for recovery. This ensures that you only recover the files you are interested in. You will also recover files that are of excellent quality.

The efficiency of this free data recovery software is admirable. It allows you to quickly scan the files that are available for recovery. You then scan deeper to reveal all other files that may have been lost or deleted. Do you want to switch to another computer or device during recovery? You do not have to start allover. You import or export the results and continue the scan or recovery process where you had stopped. This is a time saving feature you will enjoy and another level of efficiency.

Wizard Editions

There are different editions to the wizard with unique features based on the choice you make. The Free Wizard allows you to recover up to 2GB of data. Pro and Pro+WinPE allows you to recover as much data as possible. Each edition comes with a free trial version that allows you to have a sneak peak of what is on offer. The price for the versions available for sale is affordable with lifetime support once you buy the wizard. New versions come with improved quality of files once they are recovered.

The software comes in several common languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Norwegian and Polish, among other international languages. It can recover documents, graphics, videos, audios, emails and other files that are commonly stored.

Recovering your lost data does not have to be an expensive affair. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free offers data recovery software free with limitless options on the data that can be recovered. The application can run on Windows and other operating systems from 2003 to the latest release. Reviews by clients who have used the software indicate an application that is recovering files regardless of the method of loss. The fact that it is free does not compromise on its quality.

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