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Losing important data often puts you in a difficult situation. Things get very tensed up when important files that you had never intended to delete, in the first place get deleted. These data might be stored in multiple locations ranging from PC hard drive, memory card, USB devices etc. There are even chances that you might have deleted these by mistake. It is important to note that after data loss, it’s better if you stop using your PC for a while. This is because when a file is deleted, the system tends to hide the data by erasing its file directory. Now, this space is free for further use. Hence, if you resume using the system, then the directory space might get filled up. This leads to complete removal of the previous data.

Things become worse in the case of external devices such as memory cards, USB drives and hard drives as they have a limited space. This is when a data recovery software comes to your rescue. Data recovery software help you recover deleted files owing to multiple reasons. The reasons may include virus attacks, partition loss, system crash, improper operation etc. Below is a list of three possible ways to recover lost data. Step-by-step processes are clearly mentioned below.

  • To recover deleted files from the Recycle bin

If you deleted the files just a few minutes back you will still be able to locate them in the Recycle bin, unless you did not empty the recycle bin. You will be easily able to restore these items. Open recycle bin and right click on the required files and select “Restore”. It’s as simple as that! Your files will be restored to the original location.

  • To recover an older version of the lost file

If you’ve cleared your recycle bin, you have another chance to recover the deleted file, using the Windows built-in backup and restoration feature.

In Windows 7, simply click on the Startà Computer. Now, navigate to the location/folder where your file used to be and select Restore previous versions. In the list, choose the desired version and select “Restore” in order to recover the file.

In Windows 8/8.1/10, open the location of the file and open the History. In the displayed list of files, you can find the most recent backups of the file. Click “Previous” to select the file you want to recover and then hit the green “Restore” button.

  • Restoration of data using EaseUS Data Recovery

Firstly, you need to launch EaseUS Data Recovery software and then select the location or disk partition of the lost file. Then hit “Scan“. After this, a quick scan will happen to find missing or deleted files, after which a deep scan will take place to look for more files, thoroughly. Now, you will be able to filter and preview all the deleted, restorable files by file types. Choose the ones you want to recover and select “Recover” in order to restore them to your PC, hard disk, memory cards, USB drives etc.

  • The file can be a document, image, audio, video or even an email. Hard drive recovery is also possible by EaseUS data recovery software. You can also restore data from your external drive, SSD, corrupted areas in your memory stick, SD card etc.
  • You can recover data from devices like iPod, iPhone, mobile phones, digital camera, pen drive, flash drive etc.
  • The recovery speed is commendable and there is no compromise in the quality of the recovered file.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Software is available for both Mac and Windows for absolutely free! Do check it out! It’s available in multiple languages!
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