Dowry System


Dowry System :

While India is considered a land of deep culture and holistic traditions, the other side of it makes us feel sad too. The deep rooted deep-rooted social evils in our society has influenced many people in all classes till today.  However education has developed, technology has taken over the old living style and working culture has blended communities, a set of people have not at all changed.

Dowry system is one such evil that can even be considered an extreme social atrocity. Money has become a major part of a marriage and this makes marriage a dealing to accept the bride in the family.  Under the Dowry Prohibition Act, Dowry is considered as a demand for property from the bride’s family to the bride groom’s family, which is more or less an agreement to marry the bride.

The practice of giving and demanding dowry has been a part since many years in the society. People have not realized that sooner of later this atrocity is capable of  breaking the bonds inside a family.

It is a shame on our country that despite so many laws promogulated by the Government has promulgated we are still not free from this sick system. Dowry system should be fully eradicated from our country. Though people are educated the thought deep inside them needs to be redefined. Educating people on the drawbacks of social atrocities is much important in eradicating Dowry System from India. There are two ways of doing it. Educating men on what they should not do when it comes to Marriage. Men who are getting married should be clear that Marriage is a bond of love and happiness; not money. Only when the person who is directly involved is made aware, we can find a solution to the problem of Dowry System.

One another way to meet the curse called Dowry System is to educate women on what they are capable and they are not toys that are sold and paid at the same time. A woman, whether she is literate or illiterate, poor or rich, young or old should learn that Dowry system is an evil and encouraging it by accepting what is happening around is a crime. Women from all corners of the country should unite and question people who exploit them.

This will not happen immediately, but for gradual changes, we should support:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Women Education
  • Equal Rights for Women in all places

Only when the society starts an accepting a girl child as it does with a boy child, can this problem be solved. We should not expect the whole country to change; better is start changing ourselves so that we can all together light up the darkness one day.

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