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Describe something you remember from your school or college


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 333 with Model Answer:

Describe something you remember from your school or college days.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what actually happened
  • how you felt about it

and explain why you remember this event.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

Thank you for this nice cue card topic. When I was a student of Hong Kong International School, located in Repulse Bay, I made an intentional mistake and was punished by the teacher. This is really a memorable event for me. And I did not think that the teacher will notice the matter. But unluckily he noticed and I got the punishment. This is a great cue card topic and it helps to remember me my school days in Hong Kong and here goes the detail description of the entire event now.

Actually, I did not do a homework. I was at the secondary level in the school and often used to avoid the home works given us by the teachers. I did not prefer to complete the tasks at home rather completed them after reaching the school during the breaks. Unluckily, I did not do the homework on that day and said that the homework was left at home. The teacher had sent me back to home to bring the homework.

The class was filled with the other students when the teacher asked me to go back to my home and meet him even if the class ends. I was in a deep trouble. The other friends and classmates were laughing at me. They knew well that I would be a victim of the teacher’s peculiar punishment if I cannot bring the homework.

I remember the event as its ending was not pleasant for me. After admitting my guilt, the teacher asked me to write down the homework for five times in the class. I had to follow his order. And since then, I did not disobey any of his orders or instructions. In fact, it was a great lesson for the remaining days, and I did not do the same mistake again.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

“Describe something you remember from your school or college days.” 

People spend the greatest days their school and college. Hence the number of memorable events are huge. The cue card could be approached in a different way and here are some hints for alternative answers.

1. I forgot to bring the homework in my college and bunked the class. In fact, the teacher was a bit angrier than other teachers. Fearing his punishment, I took shelter in another class and took a corner seat so that I could get rid of the trouble. Luckily I was saved on that day. The class that I was afraid of and did not bring the homework did not happen.

2. My life at the Trinity College School in Ontario, Canada was awesome. I have not seen such a nice place before. I clearly can remember the last day of the school. It was filled with tears. I did not want to leave the school premise. In fact, each of the students with me was in love with the school. Whenever I have chances, I pay a visit to the school premises even in these days.

3. European School Bergen in the Netherlands is a great place to learn. I can remember the very first class at the school. My dad took me there and I was welcomed greatly. I have had some new friends in the class. The class party was outstanding. I was glad having a nice piece of cake.

4. Scoring the highest grade in Physics is a matter of pride indeed. And when I was the student of Canadian Academy in Japan, I was happy with my scores. In fact, I was the best girl in the class who used to make the highest scores in Physics. Even the fellow mates in the school started naming me as – Physics Girl, for my outstanding achievements.

5. Before attending college, I could not have thought that I would have a best friend. I met with Amanda at Royal College in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is my best friend and we crossed seven years of friendship. I can remember the day I meet her in college. She entered in the class, sat beside me in the first row and started talking. I was irritated but later everything went well.

6. I used to share my tiffin with my friends in school. In fact, they used to search me to know about my tiffin. So often, I used to bring some rotten and old foods to feed the naughty boys of my class. But I never informed them that foods were rotten or wastes. I took the initiative as they disturbed me every day to share my tiffin with them. It was the most memorable event of my school days. And I badly miss the days!

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