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Describe an occasion when everybody smiled


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 343 with Model Answer:

Describe an occasion when everybody smiled/laughed.

You should say:

  • what happened
  • when it happened
  • who were there

and explain why everyone smiled/laughed.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:

Thank you for this nice cue card topic. While taking a photograph at a family event, everyone had to smile at me as I pointed the camera at them. In fact, without smiles, photographs remain incomplete. So, to make the photos complete and better, a smile is a must. And the people who posed for the picture smiled at the camera to get happy faces clicked. This cue card questions remind me of the day when I clicked a beautiful picture for some of my relatives. I will describe the matter here.

The event was arranged marking the 19th birthday of Adaliz, my cousin, here in Hamburg. The event was nice and all the family members gathered here. The event was held on the rooftop and the place was decorated nicely. Some traditional foods were prepared for celebrating the event. And finally, it was the time to take photos. Some took group photos while some took a solo. I helped a group of cousins to take some group photos and they smiled at me (camera).

It was more than a birthday party. A family gathering would be the best term to explain the event. The event was participated by almost all the relatives of my family. I went there with my parents and other siblings but had to be busy with the photography of the event. Everyone was asking me to take photos for them. And I was gladly meeting their needs.

Unhappy faces are unexpected and so people smile when they pose for photos. So, when I said that I will take group photos, everyone agreed. When they posed, they smiled so that they look beautiful in the photo. Actually, without a smiling face, it is close to impossible to have some good photos. Hence, they smiled. When the photos were printed, the smiling faces really looked beautiful.

Sample Answer 2:
Thank you for this interesting topic. Due to the busy and mechanized life, it is indeed rare to laugh together. We cannot manage enough time for us due to hefty schedules. But last Monday, we all smiled as I won the position of the senior executive at a multinational bank here in Malaysia.

I went to attend the final interview with a reputed bank operating in Kuala Lumpur. I had to pass three other stages of the test and they were tough for me. In fact, defeating the so many candidates in terms of merits and skills requires great skills and expertise. I humbly admit that I have all of them and so I was able to reach the last round of the interview.

The interview was held around 10.30 am in the city. I was asked to attend the office for the interview with formal attire and I did so. They were pleased to see me in the interview as they had some prior ideas about my other test results. Three others were also selected in this stage for the final interview.

The interview board consisted of five members. One of the members was the Vice President of the bank. As it was a senior position, some other bank high-ups were present in the interview session. Besides, we four candidates were present in front of the interview board. The interview began around 20 minutes later as the Vice President arrived late.

Everyone present on the board was happy with my overall performance. I was the best candidate among the others. So, they smiled and I imitated them too. It was a pleasing situation. They asked about different information and were glad. I was able to make them happy. So, they offered me the position and we smiled.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

“Describe an occasion when everybody smiled/laughed.”

Here are some alternative ways to help you generate ideas to address this cue card topic:

1. My baby boy was born last month. Interestingly, he became my copy and smiled all the moments. Seeing him smiling, everyone present at the hospital also smiled back. In fact, my boy was smiling and he looked like an angel. I was happy to see him smiling.

2. My niece turned eight this month and I was invited to her birthday party. I took a pet for her as the birthday gift. She smiled at me. I noticed that everyone surrounding her also smiled at this event. It was a great moment for me and I got everyone’s attention there. Everyone smilingly thanked me for the birthday present. I loved the way they accepted the gift and their smiling faces added value too.

3. I made a snowman in last winter before my house in Georgetown in Colorado. It was a nice structure. One fine morning, I found that a couple of tourists were passing by my house and one of them urged all to take a picture of this nice snowman. Everyone posed before the snowman and they were smiling. I was happy with this scene.

4. Entertaining guests is difficult if you do not have the idea to cook foods. But my guests from my in-law’s family were happy for the traditional cooking that I made marking their arrival. I loved their smiling faces when the foods were tabled. My mother-in-law was the happiest person there.

5. While walking down the road, I saw woman’s purse had fallen but she did not notice the matter. She was walking with a man might be her husband or boyfriend. I rushed after her, took the bag and gave that back to her. Both of the smiled nicely at me. They also thanked me a lot for caring for the purse containing valuables.

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