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Describe an experience when you lost something


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 364 with Model Answer:

Describe an experience when you lost something.

You should say:

  • what you lost
  • how you lost it
  • where you lost it

and explain how you felt about it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer: 

I was never really one of those organized persons, during my high school years, who would keep things tidy and organized by putting them in their own places. So, it didn’t exactly bother me that much if/when I would lose a few things here and there due to my “negligence” except, of course, when I lost something which I really liked. It was a watch which I lost, and I am going to share that story with you today. It was a watch, which my late maternal grandfather gave to me as a precious “gift” after I passed the 8th grade with a very good score.
It was one Sunday late afternoon when some of my friends asked me to go with them and play some football. And I obliged since the weather was really nice with a cool and gentle summer breeze blowing all around. So, anyway, it was just a perfect time to exercise and sweat a little while playing and enjoying a good football match. Of course, I was wearing my watch in that evening. The funny thing was that I was supposed to leave my watch at my home, but I decided against it. Even funnier was the fact that I didn’t take off my watch and leave it on the side because of the fear that I might just lose it if I leave it like that!

Anyway, we started playing the football with all of our force, kicking, running and jumping in the field, with the ball and on the ball. Not sure, for how long we played, but when we finished, it was getting dark, and we were really tired and ready to go home for some rest and refreshments. So, we all went to our own and separate homes.  I headed to my home as well, but not even once did I remember to check if I still had my watch on my wrist. I came to remember about my watch when I went to cleanse myself, but that was even after resting (more like “napping”) for a while.  As soon as I found that there was no watch on my wrist, I started walking (more like running, I would reckon) towards the field where we were playing football. After having a good 10 minutes walk, when I finally arrived at the field, it was really dark as the football didn’t have any proper lighting system inside of it except the lights on the electric polls from distance. I tried to search for my precious watch, but it was just an effort in vain with no sign of watch laying anywhere on the ground of the field. I went back to the field very early in the next morning to find my watch but still no sign of it. Finally, I decided to give up the hope of getting it back without ever making sure if I had lost the watch on the field or on the roads while going back to my home after finishing our football match. 

Anyway, after losing that watch, I felt a bit sad because it was a really nice watch with which I was not only tracking the time but also, more importantly, carrying the memories of my late grandfather. I also got a bit mad at myself knowing that I could have taken extra precaution to prevent the incident of lost. In fact, I felt like it was because of my sheer negligence for which I had to lose my watch which I really loved. I also felt really embarrassed to think what my mother would have thought about a son who was so careless to lose such a precious gift. Anyway, it was because that incident I finally realized that I needed to be more organized and responsible in my life if I wanted to make something out of it.

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