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Describe a surprise that made you happy


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 245 with Model Answer:

Describe a surprise that made you happy.

You should say:

  • when it was
  • who/ what surprised you
  • where you were then

and explain why this surprise made you happy.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

Surprises are always pleasant and often we dream of it. But when the surprises appear from the dearest people, it becomes more enjoyable. I was surprised with my baby boy which was supposed to be a baby girl in the beginning.

I became a proud father of a baby boy last month and the boy is a surprise for me. When my wife was diagnosed as pregnant, she had to undergo different tests advised from the doctor. The doctor, a gynaecologist, advised for an ultrasonogram and the report was positive for her. The report said that she was carrying a baby girl. I was happy with the news and shared it with my family members and friends. My wife was also happy with the news of a baby girl. She, in fact, started preparation for the baby girl. She took me to shopping for the girl and bought some small dresses for a newborn baby girl. She also bought some dolls and toys for our baby. Days were passing amid great excitement that we are going to be parents for the first time in our life. Our near and dear ones also congratulated us for the good news. In fact, it was impossible for both of us to wait any longer for the baby. We were counting days. But when the baby came into the material world, it surprised us all.

When the doctor came out of the operation theatre, he surprised us with the news that I have become the father of a baby boy. It was a great surprise for me and my entire family indeed that the baby was a boy. We all have been eagerly waiting for a baby girl and already have taken necessary preparations to welcome the girl on the earth. But the news rocked us all and we became amazed. But by the same time, I was confused about the result of the ultrasonogram that depicted that we were going to have a baby girl. It appeared that the report of the ultrasonogram was wrong. It made me worried about the authenticity of the other health checkup reports of my wife. However, everyone, of my family started expressing their joy and congratulated me for being the father of a baby boy.

I was at the Holy Angels Hospital in New Delhi. I was accompanied by my parents and in-laws. Some of my friends also accompanied me there. They went there in case if my wife needed blood. In fact, I arranged for everything that may appear necessary for the smooth C-section of my wife. Earlier, the gynaecologist told us that there are some troubles for the baby in the womb and it would be difficult to deliver the baby in the regular process. So, she suggested having a C- section for my wife. Following the advice of the doctor, I took the necessary measures for the smooth operation of my wife. Everything went fine. When she was taken to the operation theatre, everyone was praying for a successful operation. In think the Almighty have granted our prayers and the operation was successful. Both the baby and the mother were safe and sound after the operation.

I was happy indeed with the surprise. I had made different plans with my baby girl but when I found out it was a baby boy, I was greatly surprised. Several thoughts crossed my mind. Initially, I thought that it might be my wife’s plan to surprise me as she likes to do so but I checked the ultrasonogram reports where it was indicated that it was a baby girl. Finally, I came to the decision that there might be some mistakes with the report and I had planned to take legal actions against the diagnostic centre for such a major mistake. But my wife did not allow me to get involved into the legal complexities and she was happy with the boy. This was a surprise for me as I was eagerly expecting for a girl who will be my princess but instead I am blessed with a boy. Everyone of my family, was happy and prayed for a longer, healthy and happier life of the boy.

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