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Describe a short journey that you disliked


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 287 with Model Answer:

Describe a short journey that you disliked.

You should say:

  • where you went
  • who you went with
  • what you did

and explain why you disliked this journey.

will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one
minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes
to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Journey inside a city like Mumbai is really troublesome if you do not have any private vehicle. On the other side, the traffic congestion also make the journeys boring and dull. So, I always have an unpleasant experience while movement in this city. I am happy that I could describe one of such events here.

I went to my university located in the central part of Mumbai city. My residence is a bit far away from the university. So, I need to ride on the public transport every day to reach the university in time. But in most of the days, I make late for the class. Though this is a short trip, often it becomes longer for the delays on the road. Like the other days, I went to the university and the trip was short. But I could not like the journey for some reasons. The bus I rode on was crowded and I could not manage a seat to sit.

Usually, I move for the university alone. I do not have any classmates or friends living near me. In fact, my residence is at one corner of the city and it is a 15-minute journey from the nearest bus stop to the university. So, I move there alone. Sometimes, my younger brother comes with me (who is also a college student) to attend his college classes. But this is not a routine for us. If he has to attend classes early in the morning, he accompanies me or I accompany him. But on regular days, I have to make a solo trip towards my university. On this day, I was alone and started to catch a class before 9.00 am. Though I was able to reach at the university before the class hour, the experience was unpleasant for me.

Moving alone, particularly for females is really hard in this city of Mumbai. So, as a female, it is the same for me every day. I have to face various types of discrimination while I am on the street. Riding on public transports is also harassing for me. On the day, I waited for the bus at the local bus stop. The bus arrived late. It was supposed to arrive by 7.45 am. But it was late. The bus made 20 minutes late. So, I had to wait while the waiting queue increased. There were some people before me on the line and they rushed when the bus arrived. So, I was unable to manage my seat in the desired place. I had to take the seat at a corner and it was a great trouble for me to get down from the bus be passing a large crowd of men.

I did not like the journey for some reasons. Firstly, the bus was late. I planned to complete an assignment after reaching the university. But I could not complete that. Further, some of the passengers on the bus tried to occupy my seat. They failed as I protested against them loudly inside the bus. It was out of my nature to shout loudly and I had to do that only to arrange my seat in the bus. Besides, I moved hurriedly for the university with the aim to attend the class. But the class did not take place at the time. The teacher shifted the class to another date for his physical illness. In fact, I had to struggle a lot to reach the university but everything was in vain. I had obstacles from the beginning of the journey and thus I could not like the journey at all on that day.

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