Describe a shop near where you live

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 252 with Model Answer:

Describe a shop near where you live that you sometimes go to.

You should say:

  • where it is located
  • what items it sells
  • how often you go there

and explain why you go there.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

Living in Singapore is really expensive as this is one of the commercial cities and a small country with a huge population. The residential areas are located in the corners of the city. I live near the Orchard Street and there is a large store just right beside of my place.

The store sells almost all sorts of necessary items required for daily life. The shop is located at one of the prime spots on the Street. It is located just right beside my apartment building. The shop looks like a large ‘L’ and has a parking space before it for the customers. Though this is not a chain shop, it looks like one of them for its special decorations and products. Almost all brands are available here and the numbers of consumers are increasing gradually as the crews and assistants provide a very good and cordial service to them. Besides, the prices of the sold products are also reasonable and the refund policy is acceptable as well for all the customers. The shop owner is known to me and often I go to visit the shop and get the necessary things for me and my family.

The shop sells a good number of items which are necessary for the daily life including groceries to clothing. The shop is famous as it sells all the types of groceries and since there are no local markets in this Street for food crops, the people mostly get in the shop for buying the food crops and grains. Often they are seen carrying live fishes from the store. Besides, it also sells all sorts of fresh meats, food crops and grains, powder and liquid milk, juices, fruits and vegetables, prepared foods, soaps, dairy products, pen, paper, scissors, adhesives, electronic equipment, mobile phone accessories, electronic gadgets and gears, toys for kids, clothing for men and women, perfumes of different brands, chocolates, sunglasses, wallets, wrist watches, leather goods, DVDs, books and novels, and much more.

I am a businessman in Singapore and deal with a clothing shop in a shopping mall. So, I do not have much time to visit the shop frequently. But I go there when I need something and in that case, I carry a list of my required things. Besides, when my family needs something, my wife makes a list for those and asks me to bring the enlisted things when I return home. There is a small restaurant on the above of the shop and the shoppers could take rest and have some snacks there. Sometimes during the holidays or whenever I could get some leisure hours, I go to visit the shop and have some chats on the roof with the shop owners. In fact, the shop owner is a friend of mine and had struggled much in his life. For his strict determination and with the help of a local investing bank, he started the business. Now he is one of the most successful businessmen in the locality and he is planning to start a chain shop. Now like him, I am also planning to open a small-scale store like that.

I go to the shop mostly for meeting the daily shopping needs of my family. To cook food, we need to shop the ingredient. Since there are no local markets for the food crops, dairy products and fish or meat, I have to visit the shop at a regular interval. Almost all of the days, I have to go there and in some cases, my wife makes a phone call to me so that I should bring any specific product or element necessary for the family. Sometimes, I visit the shop for having some clothing for my family members. The sweetmeats sold at the shop are of the highest grade and they really are delicious. Besides, the coffee on the roof top restaurant also attracts me most. Being a small businessman in Singapore, I actually have not much leisure hours to spend. I have to keep my shop open round the week. When the staffs are on holidays, I have to play their roles as well. Considering all of my business, it appears that having a cup of coffee on the rooftop of the shop is the best leisure activity. So, if whenever I could manage time, I try to pay a visit there.

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