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Describe a creative inventor or scientist you know


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 283 with Model Answer:

Describe a creative inventor or scientist you know about.

You should say:

  • who this person is/was
  • what this person does/did
  • how he know this person

and explain why you think this person is a creative scientist or inventor.

will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one
minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes
to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Mr Yushuki Kawatara is an emerging scientist in Honk Kong. He is reputed for inventing alternative energy for using for various purposes. He is not famous like the other scientist of the world as he does not want to be celebrated. I will describe him now and thank you for asking me the question.

We need energy in our everyday life. On the other side, we need to pay for the energy we are consuming. Often the bills are more than our expectation. So, an alternative source of energy is the best solution which will reduce the cost and at the same time will provide a continuous support to the users. The invention of Mr Yushuki Kawatara is able to provide a long and continuous support and at the same time, the technology is less expensive. His experiments are in initial level but have become successful. As a result, we are expecting something special from his side. 

Mr Yushuki Kawatara mostly researches on renewable energy. The concept is nothing new but has many aspects to explore. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources. It could be used for many times and in fact, it will not finish soon. So, this is a potential source of energy that humans can utilise for their daily use. But the issue is a bit complex and not accessible for all. So, he is trying to invent something different than the usual methods. Using sunlight for the source of energy has become older in the present days. So, he tried to invent the methods of creating energy using water. Water is available everywhere and accessible for all. Besides, if he becomes completely successful, everyone could be able to set an energy depot at their home for a minimal cost.

I came to know about him as he lives in the same locality where I live in the city. I love to live in a calm atmosphere and so my residence is in a corner. Mr Yushuki Kawatara is also a peace loving man. He does not like to live in crowd and noise. So, he also selected the same area for his residence. Besides, it is a must to have a quiet place or deep research and invention. However, I met him one day when a friend of mine took me to his home for some purposes. It was my first meeting with him. Then gradually I came to know that he was a scientist and trying to invent something for the people. Initially, he did not want to disclose his invention but later, being confirmed about my identity, not as a journalist, he told about the invention.

I think he is a creative person. There are many logics to support my thought. He is creative in the sense that he is trying to invent something very special from the usual elements available in nature. Besides, he is not like the other scientists who want to expose themselves by inventing minor issues. He always wants to hide himself and avoids confronting media. As a result, he is not that much celebrated except his familiar people. His intelligence level is higher than any other ordinary people. I had no doubt about his creativeness when I had talks with him for the first time. In inquired about a lot of things and he answered smartly against all of the questions.

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