Cyclone :

  • Cyclone is a very violent storm
  • A Cyclone hits earth many other effects
  • We can see rain, thunder and lightning along with cyclone
  • Cyclones hit warm parts of the world
  • It does not affect the cold parts of the world

Cyclone : (Short Essay)

Natural calamities are occurrences that keep threatening the world. The disasters that hit various parts of the world depends on the climatic conditions of a place. Cyclones are violent storms that are accompanied by rain, thunder and lightning. In general, a cyclone blows in the form of small circles but moves in different directions. Cyclones impact warm countries of the world including India. A cyclone is capable of disturbing normal life and bringing in a lot of destruction to a place. The effects of Cyclone can be even loss of lives; but in general we can see fallen trees, destruction of houses, shops and crops, boats sinking permanently into the seas.

Cyclone : (Brief Essay)

One of the worst and unexpected natural disasters that affects warm countries of the world is Cyclone.

What is a Cyclone? In simple words, Cyclone is an air mass but in a very large scale. It is so fiery because this air mass  keeps rotating over and over around a strong center of Low Atmospheric Pressure.

Facts About Cyclone:

  • Cyclones are robust whirling winds that do not have a specific course or direction
  • They can lead to lot of destruction and loss of life in the place of impact
  • A Cyclone, once it strikes the earth can last for few seconds or even 10 minutes
  • Every cyclone has an Eye. This is the center of the cyclone and it is where the Atmospheric Pressure is very low
  • The cyclone moves fast and spirally around this Calm Spot (Eye) – either clockwise or anticlockwise
  • The normal speed of a cyclone ranges between between 240 to 1, 200 miles per hour (which is 386 to 1, 930 kilometers a day)

How To Identify A Cyclone Coming In?

Generally, we can find out a Cyclone even before it starts through few signs. We can experience a sudden change in pressure of the sea. A low pressure is normally the sign of a cyclone. All of a sudden, we can feel the weather to be very hot. We can see dark dark clouds spreading in the sky, slowly. This could also make the sky look very dark. After such signs, a storm a starts sets in. Later, the wind will blow violently a from when we can expect a Cyclone to impact the place in few seconds.

We cannot stop any natural disaster like Cyclones. But being aware of the signs and getting prepared for the same is much possible. So, we should know the signs and after effects of a cyclone so that we can act smart during the time of a crisis.

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