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Shopping has become a necessity rather than luxury, lately. However, going out to malls or shopping centres and personally choosing and buying things you need takes away your time and patience. Which is why, most of us use e-commerce apps such as Flipkart, Amazon etc. Sometimes, we might just end up not buying what we wanted because of the high price and absence of discounts. This is precisely what helps you with. It offers you a wide range of discounts/coupons for various products and services.

  • 16,226,772 coupons have been redeemed till date.
  • 14,887 coupons and deals are available.
  • 379 exclusive coupons are available.
  • 3528 merchants are listed on the site.

To save money on your online shopping, few sites are present online that provide you with coupon codes, promo codes, discount vouchers etc. CouponRani is one such site but it stands out in the list. It has been rated as one of the most reliable coupon sites, which provides the best offers. It has a lot of stores for categories like Fashion& Accessories, Bill payment offers, Baby offers, Travel offers, Gift offers, Electronic offers, Furniture and home décor etc.

OYO Rooms

Oyo rooms are a chain of hotel rooms available not just in different places inside India, but also outside India. It is highly convenient to get coupons for Oyo rooms as it would cut down on our accommodation expenditure and we would be able to spend more on the traveling and food. This is of great aid especially when we are all set to go on a vacation, long stay or even for official work!


MakeMyTrip, as we all know is an app used to book flight tickets, hotel rooms, train tickets, bus tickets etc. It would be useful to get discounts and offers on such essential things for a journey. We would end up spending lesser than expected and the money can be spent on getting something else which is worthy!!


Amazon is an e-commerce app which we use almost every week to buy something or the other. Every one of us must be having Flipkart and Amazon apps installed in our smartphones. Coupons would be of great assistance in this case because we use these apps regularly. They’re certainly not for one-time usage. So, more coupons would lead to a better shopping experience each time we use them.

Domino’s Pizza

Aren’t you craving for pizza already? Again, Domino’s is somewhere we visit almost every week! Coupons would make our meal even more exciting. It would let us save some money and get another pizza in the same week! Doesn’t it seem exciting?


Fernsnpetals is an online gift delivery system which delivers a range of gifts starting from chocolates and flowers to dry fruits and cushions. We use this website during occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, House Warming etc. At times, due to the price being very high, we are unable to gift our friends and family that one thing which they really like. But, now that CouponRani is providing us with coupons and offers, we could readily click the Buy button without thinking twice. We generally order Ferns N Petals cakes most.


ZoomCar is the perfect pick when you want to rent a car, book a cab or rent a car for self-drive. CouponRani showers you with coupons for ZoomCar so that you could pick the best cars if you love to drive by yourself. ZoomCar can be found across India, even in places like Airports. It’s a pretty affordable option especially popular in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. Moreover, the coupons make the deal even simpler. So, it’s a thumbs-up!


To support the normal coupons, CouponRani provides a section of exclusive coupons. Having given out all the benefits of CouponRani, there’s no need to wait(Personal Experience of buying Tolexo safety shoes as I am chemical engineer). It has, thus earned the tag of being the most trusted coupon site, beating its competitors. So, go ahead and try it out!

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