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Clothing you have that was given by someone


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 273 with Model Answer:

Describe a piece of clothing you have that was given by someone.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • who gave it to you
  • when you got that

and say whether you liked this piece of clothing or not.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
This is a great topic to discuss. I have recently received a special gift and it was a Kashmiri shaal. The shaal was brought for me from India.

This is a local shaal produced in the region of Kashmir which has a border both in India and Pakistan. Actually, shaal is a kind of chador which is used to cover up the body in winters. The Kashmiri shaal is very useful during winter as it provides a mild heat that is required to protect people from the cold. I am glad that the shaal is comfortable and comes with a unique and attractive design. The length of the shaal is moderate and it is easy to use. I like its design – coloured in white a bluish shed which makes it look uncommon. I am very happy that this was given to me as a gift. This is one of the best gifts for me.

My maternal uncle, Xzhao Xing went to India last month for some of his business purposes and he brought the shaal from there. In fact, the Kashmiri shaals are not available in Thailand. Some of the clothing stores sell them on a limited scale but with a higher price. Since the sellers are to import the shaal from India, the prices become higher. As a result, everyone cannot afford them. Once I asked for such a shaal to uncle as he visits different countries for his business and if India is in his trip plan. But it was really a wonder to me when he gave me the shaal on. In fact, he loves me much and brought the shaal for me as promised. Now I use it for different purposes and do not need any other warm clothes when I am out at night.

I got the shaal on last Monday. We had a family gathering at our home where my parents invited almost all the relatives living near us. My mum prepared a dinner and everyone attended on the preset time. My uncle was a bit late. He attended in the last moment. When I opened the door for him, he just wrapped me with the shaal. I was surprised with such behaviour as he never did before. But suddenly I realised that I am wrapped by the shaal that I dreamt for. He made the dream come true. I hugged him tight. Everyone in the room praised the shaal for its colour and uniqueness. They have also never seen such an eye-catchy shaal before.

Definitely, I like the shaal. Being a student, I am unable to pay the price to have this shaal for me. Even I was unable to save baths to buy this shaal. So, I was highly happy having the shaal. The colour, the design, the length and width everything was perfect for me. I thanked uncle for such a wonderful gift to me. But he warned me to sue the shaal in the right manner. He also said that the shaal should be cleaned carefully and if it gets damaged, the beauty will get shattered. So, I am careful about it.

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