Cisdem Duplicate Finder Review: Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Mac in Minutes


Having duplicate files on Mac is an issue for everyone and they can eat up much more space than you think. It is also time wasting for you to manually delete them. But by using a duplicate file finder like Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac, removing duplicates from Mac is just a piece of cake.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a Mac duplicate file finder that helps you reclaim precious storage on Mac by identifying and removing duplicate files even if you’ve named files differently. It can detect duplicate photos, videos, music files, documents, archives and packages on Mac. In my case, it found 26GB duplicate files on my iMac. Let’s see how Cisdem Duplicate Finder works and what it can bring to us.

Scan multiple folders or drives, Photos and iTunes library

First, you can download Cisdem Duplicate Finder 3.0 from its official page and open it on your Mac. The interface is pretty simple. You can click “+” button to add one or multiple folders or hard drives. Here I choose 5 folders to scan. And it may be better if we can exclude specified folders before scanning.

Many users have found that the Photos and iTunes app are the real culprits who create duplicate files on Mac, So Cisdem Duplicate Finder also allows you to scan both Photos and iTunes library to find duplicates by dragging and dropping iTunes or Photos app to it. This is a really useful feature that can help you reclaim the valuable storage on your Mac.

Three removal methods and flexible file filter settings

Before you start to scan duplicates, you can click the gear like icon on the top right corner to choose your suitable scan and removal method. You can choose to remove duplicates to Trash, Folder or delete them permanently. More importantly, you can navigate to Filters tab to filter files that you don’t want to scan.

High scanning speed and real-time scanning results

Cisdem Duplicate Finder scans duplicates very quickly and gets all duplicate files in front of you within a short span of time. It also shows the real-time scanning results. In my test, it found 5000+ duplicate files in less than two minutes. You can click “Stop” whenever you want and it still shows instant results during the scanning process.

Show duplicates in pie chart and tab view

After scanning, Cisdem Duplicate Finder shows all duplicates in both pie chart and tab view. And it classifies duplicates into 7 groups including Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and Others. You can navigate each tab to view details.

Built-in powerful search and preview tool

Its built-in search tool allows you to search target files with keywords and sort files by Size, Type, Name and File Count. Furthermore, you can highlight each file and easily preview it to make certain you’re not deleting anything you don’t want to.

Hide files from scanning again

What impresses me most of Cisdem Duplicate Finder is the hide feature. Sometimes we just don’t want some duplicates to be cleaned, we can hide them from scanning again by clicking the eye icon. Removing duplicates from hidden list is also supported. In the menu bar, choose View > Show Hidden Files, select duplicates and hit “Remove” to remove them from your Mac.

Auto select all duplicates and one-click to delete

Cisdem Duplicate Finder will auto select all duplicates by default and keep one instance of each duplicate item for sake of safety, so what you need to do is hitting “Select All” and “Delete” button to get rid of all duplicates from your Mac.

In all, Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a great app for identifying duplicate files on a Mac. It is available on the Mac App Store for $29.99 and directly from Cisdem for $29.99. By eliminating those duplicates, you can free up lots of space on your Mac computer. I already deleted 20GB duplicates and can’t wait to add more important files to my iMac.

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