Chola Empire and Tamil Nadu


Chola Empire and Tamil Nadu

  • Tamil Nadu has a rich culture and heritage
  • One of the most important dynasty in the history of India is the Chola Dynasty
  • The cholas patronised art and literature in Tamil Nadu
  • They brought prosperity to southern India
  • Their capital city is Thanjavur

Chola Empire and Tamil Nadu : (Short Essay)

Cholas are one of the most famous and important kings of southern India. They brought up many changes in art, literature and culture of southern India. Two most important kings of Chola dynasty are Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra 1. During their time, they triumphantly marched and marked their names in both northern India and many southern countries too. They ruled Kaveri delta and paddy cultivation progressed during their period.  Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra 1 built the famous Brihadeeawara temple (Big Temple) of Tanjavur.

Chola Empire and Tamil Nadu : (Brief Essay)

There have been many dynasties that brought up changes and made revolutions in Indian History. One such dynasty that gave peace and proserity to Southern India is the Chola empires.

The Cholas are known for their valour and victory. Wherever they went they created history and embarked their foot prints.

The 2 most important kings of this dynasty are Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra 1. During their period, Brihadeeswara Temple and Gangaikondacholapuram temple were built. Rajendra 1 was the son of Raja Chola and he was a man of prowess and a King with a vast army. He marched till Ganga Plains and defeated the kings there. As a remembrance of the same, a place near southern India was named GangaiKondaCholaPuram.

Rajendra 1 was proudly called Gangaikondachola which means one who defeated the kings of Ganga plains.

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