Childhood – The best Phase of Life


Childhood – The best Phase of Life

Life is a story with many phases and one big phase that is invincible is Childhood. No one is as innocent as a child and sadly none can ever be a child always. Still, we can make our childhood a memorable one.

Childhood is a special phase where we are cared and nurtured by everyone around. Without any doubt childhood is the most enjoyable period of life. No one would deny the pleasure of being a child. We were all pampered the most being a child. The most gifted part of life is childhood.

Our parents would have taken all the efforts to keep us comfortable. Parents put up all their money and spend a lot of time to make a beautiful childhood for their kids. At the same time we should utilize our parents’ time and efforts in the right way.

Accepting our parents as our first mentor is the biggest lesson we need to learn in life. Childhood unfolds many other lessons to us which we need to understand and follow the example for the rest of our life. This period gives us so many chances to learn from our mistakes and rectify our mistakes.

Yet another dimension defines Childhood as the most crucial part of life. An individual’s attitude and attributes are deeply rooted in the way he/she was brought up. Childhood is a time where a child gets lot of space and time to build all types of skills and abilities. Shaping up a human is possible and it is almost complete in childhood. All thoughts and acts that a child visualizes and experiences impact the child. When a child is allowed to inculcate good habits he or she will follow the same throughout life.

As students, we should put our utmost efforts to build ourselves into a great personality right from this stage. Trying to bend for tough things from young age would help us to become a master in finesse in future.

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