Cheap Las Vegas Car Rentals: Driving Towards Savings On The Strip

There are plenty of easy ways to get around Sin City without a car, what with the town’s over-abundance of Taxis, a monorail that runs up and down Las Vegas Boulevard late into the night, or even Segway tours of The Strip. But if you insist on getting behind the wheel of a car and navigating the always impenetrable mess of stop and start traffic known as The Las Vegas Strip, here are some great tips for saving money on cheap Las Vegas car rentals that will prevent you from going broke in Vegas.

BOOK EARLY: The easiest, best, and most obvious way to save big money on your car rental rates is to reserve your vehicle as far in advance as possible. You book your flights and hotels early when you plan a trip, so why not do the same for your rental car? The closer to your date of arrival that you book your car, the more the rental agency will gouge you. Reserve your vehicle as early as possible.

PACKAGE DEAL! A surefire way to save money is to purchase everything you know you’ll need for your trip in one bundle. Package deals can save you lots of money if you book your hotel room, flight, show tickets, and yes, rental car all at once. Hotels, airlines, and travel sites all offer great package deals that will cost you a lot less than paying for each piece separately, so book your car along with other pieces of your travel itinerary and save some big money.

LET TRAVEL SITES COMPETE FOR YOUR MONEY! You can’t throw a digital rock these days without hitting a travel site that aggregates the best prices on everything you’ll need when traveling, including car rental prices. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Travel Zoo, Priceline, Hotwire, Kayak… the list goes on and on for sites that are dedicated to offering you the very best travel deal. You can easily browse through as many of the sites that you want until you find the absolute best deal. There’s even a site dedicated specifically to aggregating the best prices in Rental Cars , aptly named RentalsCars.Com… but don’t stick with any even one narrowly focused site when you can take a quick look at the other options for the very best prices.

INCONVENIENCE CAN LEAD TO SAVINGS! As great as it may sound to have a car idling for you when you land in Vegas, you may end up paying dearly for that convenience. Search for mom and pop rental franchises that are located off-site from the airport or The Strip, and you will find some great deals. These less convenient franchises will try harder to get you in the door to win your business than those that are easier to access, so a little extra work getting to them could pay off with great prices.

You can find many more deals and money saving strategies online in the battle to cheap Las Vegas car rentals. But in the end, the best idea might be to ditch the idea of driving within the Vegas city limits altogether. It’s easy to get around town without a car, and more importantly, you won’t have to deal with slow moving traffic caused by drivers too buzzed to be behind the wheel, strobe-light flashing party buses, view-obstructing trucks dragging escort-service billboards, lumbering limos shuttling patrons to strip clubs, a seemingly endless army of overly aggressive cabbies, or pedestrians sporting obnoxiously large frozen Margaritas and crossing the street as they ignore flashing Don’t Walk signs that make The Strip a nightmare for motorists. Why deal with those frustrations when you can zoom around town in a futuristic monorail that avoids the mania-inducing traffic, let one of those cabbies drive over-aggressively for your benefit, or enjoy your own obnoxiously large (yet insanely delicious) frozen margarita yourself as you travel The Strip by foot (or Segway)?