Chart on Collective Nouns


Collective noun definition:

A collective noun is a noun such as ‘family’ or ‘team’ that refers to a group of people or things.

We have prepared a list of Collective Nouns with pictures based on Person, animal and things category.  You can download PDF below.

Words on the chart:  A dynasty of kings, A tribe of natives, A draft of lecturers, A pack of thieves, A flock of tourists, A team of workers, A choir of singer, A giggle of girls, A class of students, A circle of friends, A colony of penguins, A pride of lions, A catch of fish, A flock of sheep, A zoo of wild animals, A gaggle of geese, A swarm of bees, An army of ants, A clowder of cats, A parade of elephants, A bunch of flowers, A forest of trees, A galaxy of stars, A comb of bananas, A bouquet of flowers, A jar of honey, A can of soda, A pack of Cards, A cup of tea, A set of books.

Download: Chart on Collective Nouns

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