Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free, The Easiest Way To Recover Data

Loss of data causes one to instantly panic. Some of this data could be your only copy of an urgent contract, the only photos of your wedding or honeymoon, rare audios, emails and other files that are equally important. Whether the data is stored in your memory card, SD card, hard drive, PC, laptop, digital camera, SSD or any other storage platform, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is your ideal software for recovery.

The wizard recovers data that has been deleted, or lost through age and damage of the memory device. It will help you recover data that is corrupted by viruses. Did you format your memory device by accident or would like to recover this information? This wizard comes in handy to help you in recovery. It will reverse loss by system crush, a lost partition or failure of the memory device.

Easy And Safe Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free provides a step by step wizard of recovering lost data. This means that you do not require prior experience in data recovery to successfully retrieve this information. There is a preview phase where you can review the files available for recovery. This ensures that you only recover the files you are interested in. You will also recover files that are of excellent quality.

The efficiency of this free data recovery software is admirable. It allows you to quickly scan the files that are available for recovery. You then scan deeper to reveal all other files that may have been lost or deleted. Do you want to switch to another computer or device during recovery? You do not have to start allover. You import or export the results and continue the scan or recovery process where you had stopped. This is a time saving feature you will enjoy and another level of efficiency.

Wizard Editions

There are different editions to the wizard with unique features based on the choice you make. The Free Wizard allows you to recover up to 2GB of data. Pro and Pro+WinPE allows you to recover as much data as possible. Each edition comes with a free trial version that allows you to have a sneak peak of what is on offer. The price for the versions available for sale is affordable with lifetime support once you buy the wizard. New versions come with improved quality of files once they are recovered.

The software comes in several common languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Norwegian and Polish, among other international languages. It can recover documents, graphics, videos, audios, emails and other files that are commonly stored.

Recovering your lost data does not have to be an expensive affair. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free offers data recovery software free with limitless options on the data that can be recovered. The application can run on Windows and other operating systems from 2003 to the latest release. Reviews by clients who have used the software indicate an application that is recovering files regardless of the method of loss. The fact that it is free does not compromise on its quality.

Google offers YouTube copyright support

t3YouTube owner Google says it will help fund up to $1m (£650,000) in legal fees for some content creators who have received copyright takedown notices.

It will step in if it feels their material is considered to be fair use.

However the firm admitted that only a handful of people have been chosen to benefit from this support.

Copyright holders are able to make requests to Google – or other sites – to take down content under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

However there are exceptions to the law, which vary around the world but can include the use of other material for the purposes of commentary and parody.

If a small portion of somebody else’s work is used in this context, or in news reporting or for teaching purposes in the US, it can be exempt from copyright legislation.

“We are offering legal support to a handful of videos that we believe represent clear fair uses which have been subject to DMCA takedowns,” wrote Fred von Lohmann, Google’s copyright legal director, in a blog post.

The firm will keep these videos online in the US and cover the cost of any lawsuits, he added.

“We’re doing this because we recognise that creators can be intimidated by the DMCA’s counter-notification process and the potential for litigation that comes with it.

“While we can’t offer legal protection to every video creator – or even every video that has a strong fair use defence – we’ll continue to resist legally unsupported DMCA takedowns as part of our normal processes.”

The videos that will be defended are not visible in the UK but include two video game reviews and a piece which contains news footage of Rachel Dolezal, the American woman who was born white but now says she is black, reports Wired.

Our 10 Favorite YouTube Marketing Campaigns

YouTube marketing is serious business, and if you’re unconvinced then just consider this statistic: in 2011, YouTube had over 1 trillion views. That breaks down to about 140 visits for every person on earth. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Advertisers who use YouTube for business reasons would love nothing more than for their campaigns to go viral, but when you realize that 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute, it’s clear that the competition is pretty stiff. What does it take to become a YouTube superstar? Creativity, luck and a little something extra that’s hard to define. Nobody can recite the secret recipe, but we all know magic when we see it. Take a look at these 10 video campaigns, and be dazzled:

10. Yes They Did. “Did Will.I.Am and John Legend just sing me proof of Barack Obama’s awesomeness?” asked millions of twenty-somethings in the weeks leading up to the 2008 election. The celebrity-packed “Yes We Can” music video wasn’t created by Obama campaign officials, but those officials definitely weren’t upset with the result. The video may have even have had a small effect on election results. If that isn’t YouTube marketing success, we don’t know what is.

9. Blended Entertainment. The “Will It Blend?” series of videos, released by Blendtec, lets viewers watch as everyday items are stuffed into blenders and systematically destroyed by rotating metal blades. It’s not hard to see why this YouTube marketing campaign set the social media world on fire. After all, who doesn’t want to see golf balls and cubic zirconium pulverized into powder? That’s right – no one.

8. YouTube’s Got Talent. Everyone’s a critic, a fact that NBC capitalized on last year when it partnered with YouTube to allow viewers to submit their “America’s Got Talent” auditions online. The resultant two-hour TV special earned first-place ratings, and millions of viewers saw Kmart’s ads. But our favorite part? The cringe-worthy auditions. There’s nothing like a little schadenfreude with your orange juice in the morning.

7. The Force Is Strong. If you had a roundish graph that showed Internet addiction percentages as a function of subculture membership, you’d be holding geek pie. So if you want to use YouTube for business reasons, follow our advice and use the force. That’s what Volkswagen did, and their pint-sized Darth Vader went viral faster than Jango Fett’s seismic charges can destroy an asteroid. Yes, we speak geek.

6. The Evolution Revolution. These days we’re inundated with airbrushed magazine photos,  so much so that we don’t even notice anymore. So when Dove’s “Evolution of Beauty” video used time-lapse photography to show exactly how many degrees of separation exist between a real model and her glossy counterpart, women everywhere listened. Think about what happened here. A beauty company effectively managed to make money by pointing out how screwed up the beauty industry is. That’s no easy task.

5. YouTube Loves Cats. Want social media sites to like your YouTube marketingvideo? Here’s a tip: put a cat in it. The fluffier, hungrier or sleepier he is, the better. Anything you do after that is automatically guaranteed to be successful. One of the biggest players in the field of viral cat marketing (that’s Internet videos with kittens, not the trafficking of diseased felines) has to be Skittles. You know, the candy people. Their interactive “Touch the Rainbow” video starts out fun and ends up disturbing – kind of like every visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

4. Bear With Us. This YouTube marketing video, “A Hunter Shoots a Bear,” is more genius than it sounds. The reluctant hunter refuses to follow through with the video’s promise, and instead uses Tipp-Ex brand correctional fluid to blot out the violent title. Viewers can type in alternate ideas to unlock different bear-friendly videos. So basically, when you watch the full-grown man shake it in a bear suit, you’ll be learning about Tipp-Ex in the process. Actually, are there any other reasons to learn about correctional fluid? Like we said, it’s brilliant.

3. Pizza-Pocalypse. “Deliver Me to Hell” is a lot less like a series of videos and a lot more like a choose your own adventure story. Created by Hell Pizza, a chain of pizza shops based in New Zealand, the campaign follows a hapless delivery boy as he does his best to survive the zombie-infested streets with his brains and his pizza intact. At several steps along the way, viewers can choose his fate by deciding what to do next.

When the videos were first published, users who made it to the finish line were rewarded with a contest entry for a chance to win a year’s supply of free pizza. Although the contest has since ended, the gory adventure is still up, and it’s sure to zap at least 15 minutes from your work day.

2. Videos With Drive. DC Shoes’ Gymkhana series is not for the faint of heart (or for mothers of teenage drivers). The series follows stunt driver Ken Block as he drifts through hairpin turns, catches wicked air (people still say that, right?) and miraculously manages not to die. It’s easy to see why the fourth video of the series was the most shared video of 2011. It’s hard to take your eyes of of Block’s car even for a second. Since it’s completely plastered in ads, we’re guessing that’s the point.

1. Spice Up Your Life. No discussion of YouTube marketing would be complete without mentioning Mustafa, or as most of us know him, the Old Spice man. Clever copy and flawless delivery made these videos an instant hit, but the interactivity is what really helped them go viral. By incorporating user comments into future videos, Old Spice struck Internet marketing gold. By staging a social media battle between Mustafa and Fabio, they achieved something far more impressive: successful product placement in the dreams of ladies everywhere.

Don’t think you have the creative abilities to outrank these YouTube marketing all-stars? You’re in luck, because on the Internet, terrible videos can go viral even faster than awesome ones. So if you don’t have the budget to hire a stunt-car driver, you can always tack your business’s logo on a bed sheet and hire your drama-queen cousin to film a “Leave Britney Alone” style meltdown. It might just be crazy enough to work.

But if you want to convince the boss that your ability to use YouTube for business campaigns warrants a new promotion, it wouldn’t hurt to run your ideas past a few colleagues first, just to be safe. Remember, what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet. Forever.

Why it is not possible to survive online competition without SEO?

Why it is not possible to survive online competition without SEO?

Are you thinking of taking your business to a whole new level by taking it online? It is one of the wisest moves that you are making now. Today customers first go to the internet regardless of what they want to buy or hire. The internet proves to be a very good and reliable resource for many for finding the best services and brands in a given area. Not only that people also complete the entire buying transaction online as they find it very convenient, they do not have to leave their home or drive in cold winter.

As a result, a huge scope is created for online businesses, which has made thousands of businesses go online very month crowding the web and increasing the pressure of competition. In this situation, if you launch a website and if you want to get the attention of your target audience, you are required to know how to play the search engine game.

Customers today when they make a search online they will not go beyond the first two pages of the search results. In other words, all that it counts is the first two pages or the first twenty listings in the search results page.

As an outgrowth of this trend, to help customers get the best online visibility possible, hundreds of SEO companies have emerged. All these SEO companies are competing for customers and to lure their customers, they are ready to say just about anything as long as they could rope in new customers. This has resulted in a number of mediocre service providers. On the one hand, your business cannot survive without SEO and on the other hand, there are many mediocre SEO services out there. If you need to approach one of these companies, you need to be careful so that you are not taken advantage of by your SEO company.

One of the ways of ensuring that you get the best SEO services for the money you pay and excellent results that will give your website the visibility that it deserves is to use pay for performance SEO service. You will need to pay here only when you get the promised search engine ranking for the chosen keywords. This is certainly one of the best and the most satisfactory SEO service options.

When you choose guaranteed performance SEO, you need not have to worry about the competition because the SEO service provider is compelled to get you the best results if not they will get paid. So this is certainly one of the best ways to fight the online competition. Hiring SEO services without any guarantee will put all the risk in your court. Whereas on the other hand with performance based SEO solutions the SEO service provider is sharing the risk. They are required to work hard to deliver the best results. They will therefore help you fight the competition better when compared to the other types of SEO services.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Marketing With Pinterest

It’s very likely that you have a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page set up for your business (and if you don’t, for the love of Pete, do it now). You’ve also probably heard of marketing with Pinterest but are thinking that you don’t have time to devote to it and that it’s completely unnecessary as a social media networking strategy. Well, the good and the bad news is that you can’t afford not to set up a Pinterest account for your business.

Pinterest is now the third largest social network behind Facebook and Twitter (for now, anyway), and the traffic stats are insane. According to Mashable, Pinterest sends more traffic to websites than Reddit, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. And as you’ve seen in your Google Analytics (you do check that, right?), those sites are nothing to sneeze at – with the exception of Google+, that is.

It may seem like Pinterest came out of nowhere with guns blazing, but it’s actually existed since 2010. The fall of 2011 was when it really started blowing up, and that’s when marketing with Pinterest started becoming a significant part of digital PR strategy. No one knows why exactly it’s one of the biggest social media trends right now. There was no crazy acquisition and no major redesign. Here are our theories:

  • Instagram has become almost as popular as YouTube videos of people falling down. It was recently purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, and it’s now available as an app for Android, making it that much more marketable. Instagram makes it easy for just about anyone to take awesome photos and share them, so the focus on images makes Pinterest even more relevant for users.
  • The focus is on what is shared, not who is sharing it. When you’re friends with someone on Facebook and they post something funny or interesting, you don’t like it because you like them necessarily, but because –  well, because you like it. Pinterest focuses on what is being posted. It’s less personal than a Facebook share or a retweet, but that turns out to be a good thing.
  • Cell phones have amazing cameras in them now, making it super easy to feel like you’re a hotshot photographer. People love sharing the pictures they take.
  • It’s simple, and it looks clean. While there are, of course, ways to make your Pinterest boards and pins stand out from the rest, it’s pretty difficult to make them look bad. This makes marketing with Pinterest significantly easier than with some of the other social networks. Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, for instance, can start to look pretty ugly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing With Pinterest

Creating Your Account

To get started marketing with Pinterest, create your own account and start experimenting as part of your overall social media networking strategy. Simply request an invite and it’ll guide you through the process. In our opinion, it’s one of the easiest social media setups we’ve seen.  It gives you an option to connect it to either your Facebook account or your Twitter account. Go for the Twitter account, as you can’t connect your Facebook page to your Pinterest account. Don’t worry – you won’t start automatically tweeting what you post on Pinterest.

Follow People

Once you’ve created your Pinterest account, find some people to follow. Simply click on “Find Friends” (it’s a drop-down in the top right-hand corner, below your picture). Then, find your Gmail contacts who are already using Pinterest. You’ll be surprised to find out how many people are already on there.

Create Boards

To see examples, you may want to check out a few boards created by other people, but the concept is pretty simple. The important thing to remember is that the boards do not have to directly relate to your business and should not be all about you. Here are some examples:

  • Web humor
  • Infographics
  • Favorite brands
  • New products

You should really infuse these boards with your own personality. It’s a great opportunity to show that there are real people behind your branding. People dig that. The cool part is that you can easily edit both board names and content, so if you set something up and then realize the next day that it looks dumb, you can totally go in and change it. You can also keep adding boards to your heart’s content. In fact, we recommend doing so. We’re particularly fond of old black and white photos that are in the public domain, like the ones that are in this blog.

What To Pin

Now that you have a few boards, it’s time to start pinning things to them. You can share any sort of content that has an image attached. This includes:

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Products
  • Fun pictures
  • Quotations

You should have a combination of the following:

  • Uploaded original photos, both from your own website and from other websites (give them props, of course).
  • Images of your products with descriptions and prices attached. A typical product image probably isn’t going to work, because a picture that is 300 pixels wide will be too small to pin. Choose the largest product photos you can from the appropriate URL on your site.
  • We just mentioned this, but it’s worth reiterating. Infographics are great to pin. Pinterest does not limit the vertical length, so awesome infographics are good. They’ll take up space, and people will be more likely to notice them.


Like any other social network, interaction is key when it comes to Pinterest. Don’t just pin images from your site and be done with it. Here are the four ways to interact on Pinterest:

1. Follow other users’ boards.

2. Repin other users’ pins.

3. Comment on other users’ pins.

4. Like other users’ pins.

If you really really like something, like it! You can be a bit pickier about what you want to repin, because you want to keep your boards looking spiffy. You also don’t need to comment on the pins of others if you don’t really have something to say.


What To Write

While Pinterest is obviously visually based, you should also pay close attention to what you’re putting on your profile and on your pins. Pinterest is actually a great opportunity to utilize your keywords and say something awesome in the meantime. Here are some things to remember:

  • Pinterest gives you 500 characters, but it’s pretty tacky to use all of them. Try to keep things short, sweet and descriptive.
  • Use hashtags to further categorize your pins and make them easy to find. Just like Twitter, you should do some research to find out which ones are the best to use. The hashtags are hyperlinked, so when a user clicks on one, they’ll find all the other pins that use it.
  • If you take an image from a site and want to send users to another site, you can change the URL. Be careful with this one. You don’t want to confuse users, and you don’t want to use other people’s images without crediting them.
  • Use SEO keywords in your descriptions and your profile. Google is now incorporating social networks into its algorithm, so this is an awesome opportunity.

Pinterest Contests

Now that you have everything set up and you’re wasting hours pinning images when you should be writing a blog (which is totally what we did while writing this), it’s time to use Pinterest to its full potential. You’ve probably run Twitter and Facebook contests before (if not, get on the stick), and Pinterest opens up a whole slew of new ways to engage your customer base. Here are a few ways you can run a contest while marketing with Pinterest:

  • pinterest contest winnerHave users create a board showing your products and have them choose the one that looks best.
  • Have users take pictures of themselves along with your product, or have them show a creative way that they’ve used your product. For example, if you have a hot sauce company, have users post pictures of food that they’ve put that hot sauce on. Choose the most creative photo.
  • Create a campaign that tugs at the heartstrings, like a “cutest baby” contest (if you have a business that has anything to do with that).

As you would with any contest, choose a prize that people actually want to win. We’ve all seen one too many iPod Shuffle giveaways in our time. Gift cards are always good, but make sure that they’re worth a decent amount. Contests are one of the most popular social media trends for a reason so go to town.

Tools To Enhance It

There aren’t nearly as many neat tools for Pinterest as there are currently for other social media networking sites, but as Pinterest grows in popularity more will most definitely come out. Here are a couple that we’ve found:

  • PinReach – Similar to Klout, it determines what your total influence is on the network. Klout hasn’t quite caught up to Pinterest yet, so it’s definitely worth it to pay a visit to PinReach to see if you’re headed in the right direction.
  • PinTics – Similar to HootSuite, PinTics allows you to manage multiple Pinterest accounts. HootSuite hasn’t quite caught up to Pinterest – and frankly, the current interface probably isn’t up to it even if they tried – so for now, this is also one that’s worth experimenting with.

What kinds of success has your business experienced as a result of marketing with Pinterest? Are you impressed?

The Benefits of Choosing Canvas Printing to Create Lasting Memories

Canvas printing is an ideal way to share your treasured memories with family and friends. These prints make ideal gifts, but can also be used to adorn the walls in your home or office with pride.

There are numerous benefits to choosing canvas printing over a traditional photograph or painting. When you blow up a photograph to a larger size and frame it, it never provides you with the same crisp quality as the original. In fact physical photographs are going out of style with more people making use of digital photo frames and social media to share their precious memories, just another reason that canvas printing is such a beneficial way to share those memories and enjoy them now and moving forward.

The first benefit you will notice when it comes to canvas printing is the quality. These are always printed in the highest quality which provides you with a professional appearance which you can add to the walls in your home or office with complete confidence. There is nothing worse than showcasing a family portrait or a magical photograph from your last holiday, only to have it all blurred and not crisp and clear.

Further, you will find that a canvas printing is more durable than a traditionally framed photograph. Canvas is already strong and durable, so you know it can get bumped from time to time without too much concern. If you move house or office, you don’t have to treat it with kit gloves and can relax knowing it will reach the other side in the same condition that it left in.

Another major benefit to choosing canvas printing over framing a traditionally printed photograph is the life span. Canvas prints are known to be long lasting, they can provide a feature on your walls for years, always reminding you of family, fun times, holidays and more.

Of course what really makes canvas printing stand out and make an impact on any wall in any home or office is that they are three dimensional. Unlike a traditional frame, these stand out from the wall, making them enhance the room with ease.

Further, you can save money when choosing canvas printing as you don’t have to waste your money on an expensive frame. Most canvas prints use a block frame which is inside the print, with the print pulled tightly over and stapled.

Canvas printing gives you the ability to be surrounded by memories. Whether it’s a beautiful scenic picture from your last holiday or a family portrait taken over the festive season, you can put all your memories around your home, bringing a smile to your face every time you walk past them.

Of course when you choose to create memories in this fashion, you need to ensure that you choose a company that has extensive experience in the canvas printing industry that can provide you with the highest quality product that you can enjoy for years to come.

Start by searching online. There are a number of printing companies operating online which will assist you in security the best quality prints that you can rely on and trust. You can shop around to find the company with the best online reputation.

Identifying any canvas printers reputation is an easy task, which will only take you a few minutes. You can search for their name online and then go through the results, focusing on independent review sites and online forums to read honest customer feedback.

Don’t make the fatal mistake of choosing the cheapest option, rather focus on quality and turnaround times and then let price influence your decision from there.

Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Recovering deleted data out of your pc is a tricky job. There could also be many situations after we delete any file by chance and even delete it from Recycle Bin. So to beat this case, we’re bringing you the honest review of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

Review-EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free
The Free Data recovery software program, EaseUS Data recovery comes useful while you need to recover deleted recordsdata out of your pc. In the present day we’ll assessment the software program and see the way it works.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software program permits you to recover deleted files upto 2GB. It helps recovering data of all popular file codecs. You can too recover data from a number of sources.

EaseUS Data Recovery software program can recover deleted information from Hard drive, External Hard Drive, USB Drive, Memory card, Digital Digicam, Cellular Cellphone, Music Player and others.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free can recover Pictures, Movies, Documents, Music, Audio, E-mail and different files. You may recover virtually any sort of file with this software program. You can easily get recovery data from your computer.

Let’s begin the review of EaseUS Data Recovery:

To begin with you could download and set up free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. As soon as put in you’re going to get solely 500MB of data recovery. However you will get one other 1.5GB data recovering functionality by sharing it on social Media. After you will have shared it on social media, you’ll be able to recover deleted information upto 2GB.

When you get 2GB recovering data, you could choose the kind of data you need to recover. You may choose all file sorts and click on subsequent. After that choose the drive from which you need to recover deleted data. After that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free will shoe the files which will be recovered.

The free data recovery software program will present the search consequence class smart. In case your deleted file just isn’t discovered, you can begin deep scan in order that the file will be discovered. When you discovered the file to be recovered, you’ll be able to recover the file and save it wherever you need. In our assessment, it was capable of detect files and capable of recover them as nicely.

The software program additionally helps Memory card recovery. With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free you’ll be able to simply recover data from formatted memory cards. In our review, the software program was simply capable of recover data from formatted memory card.

So this was our review of the EaseUS Data Recovery software which is free data recovery software . The free model permits recovering deleted files upto 2GB. There’s a paid model as nicely which eliminates this restriction

How to Write an Ezine Article

Writing articles for ezines (Internet magazines) is a great way to share your expertise and opinions, build a writer’s portfolio, get your name in circulation and even make some extra money. While writing material for an electronic medium follows exactly the same principles as prepping your work for submission to a hard-copy publication, the turnaround time for receiving a response from an editor and getting “into print” is much faster.

How to Submit an Article to Time Magazine

A Marketing Plan for a Software Company

Every marketing plan follows a basic structure that outlines strategies and tactics for pricing, promotions, product and place, but plan content must be tailored according to industry. Regardless of what your software does, a competitor is likely offering similar features — if not now, then he will soon. So tailor your marketing plan to emphasize your customer rather than your product features. Demonstrate how your software makes your customers’ lives easier or better.

Software Differentiators

  • According to veteran technology software marketer Mike Feeley from Austin, Texas, marketing should be targeted to the audience for which the software was built. This relates directly to your product pricing: Software can be very expensive, limiting the target audience. You can’t afford to woo self-employed consultants working from home if your software is out of their price range and better suited for larger companies. However, if your software is on a mobile platform, target the road warriors who depend on their “smart” electronic devices. This expands your customer base to include those willing to spend a few dollars for a mobile software app.

Gathering Users and Early Customers

  • Many technology companies find Beta testers as their “guinea pig” customers, offering their products for free in exchange for user feedback. This is a helpful development tool and a strategy to get early adopters as customers, while getting them to influence other prospective customers. If you’re selling business software, offer a free trial or limited functionality installations that allow users to access some of the features but not all until they purchase the product. You can give the software away to individuals and businesses but charge an annual licensing and maintenance or support fee. You then have customers ready to buy your next version or upgrade.

Differentiate Yourself Online

  • Assume all of your competitors are online in some way, so it’s easy to get lost in a crowded online environment. One way to differentiate your software from your competitors’ is to create “explainer videos.” These allow you to be creative in a field that can be droll without spending a lot of money. Using humor and eye-catching visuals, demonstrate how your software solves real-life problems that your target audience can relate to. Detail upcoming software versions. Hiring a good scriptwriter, voice talent and even an actor are good uses of marketing dollars. Put the videos on your website and social media sites, then conduct regular searches to see if they are shared on other sites you can target in the future.

Become a Thought Leader

  • Build your image as a thought leader by creating a strong online presence through content marketing. This will put you at the top of Internet searches. Write blogs and articles to share on social media and on websites that allow users to post material. Ask a local newspaper if you can contribute a regular column. Also use videos, slide shows and infographics. Vary your topics so you’re not always promoting your product; demonstrate that you identify with challenges your customers face. Use reader feedback to qualify customers for sales leads.

Selfie advertising: is this the next big thing?

Selfie advertising: is this the next big thing?

Today’s technology means we can live fast-paced lives filled with things to do and pictures to take. But did you know that the selfies are now the norm? People won’t go anywhere without their phones and the ability to take a selfie and post it online. In fact, it is so normal that we don’t even question it when our friend posts a hundred pictures of themselves online. Now, your business can actually use selfies to advertise. Selfie advertising may just be the next best way to reach out to new customers.

Kind of like word of mouth

We already know the most effective way to get new customers is through word of mouth advertising. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you’ll be getting a lot out by advertising through images. One way to do this is through an ad campaign where you offer a prize for the best selfie including your image in it, or something to that extent. Posting these on social media will mean you have engaged current customers (which is always something to strive for), and all their friends get a chance to see your product. Even if you offer a service rather than a product, you can still offer a prize based on selfies using a hashtag with your company name in it. As a growing portion of your customer base is taking selfies and watching each other on the internet, you’ll be able to reach out to more of your audience than ever before.

Personal recommendation

If you see your friends have it, you’ll want it, and if you already know someone who likes it, you will use it. This is the basic idea behind selfie advertising and showing people what you do and what companies you like to use. This is a powerful tool that is especially useful for pay per call campaigns where affiliates are responsible for finding the customers to call your business. As an affiliate, your job is to find as many new customers are possible for other businesses, and what better way than to actually show off the product or service in a selfie?

How much longer will it last?

With some advertising, you only have a short window of opportunity. You may be wondering how much longer people will actually use the selfie. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the selfie may not always be the crazed trend it is now, but it will probably never go away. We’ve already gotten too much invested into our pictures and smartphones that make it easier than ever. Even if it isn’t the best method of marketing forever (nothing ever is), you will be able to reach a lot of new customers for now.