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Women Empowerment Speech

Women Empowerment Speech Good morning to everyone seated here. Today am going to talk about women empowerment and why is it so much important in today’s world. Women empowerment in India is little lagging behind than other Western countries. It is...


Diwali – Rearranging Words Quiz Game

We are sure everybody love Diwali festival and her holidays. But, you think you know about the Tradition of Diwali? Here is your brain teasing game where you can evaluate the knowledge about Diwali. How to play: Click or tap and drag to move...


Harry Potter – Rearranging Words Quiz Game

Think you know and love to read Harry Potter’s books? Here is your brain teasing game where you can benchmark the knowledge about Harry Potter series. How to play: Click or tap and drag to move letters The post Harry Potter –...


Quiz Questions on Indian Dances

August 21, 2019 Teacher Quiz and Exercises classical dances, Indian dances, Q and A, questions, Questions and Answers, quiz, Trivia (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) Q: Name the Classical dance of Odisha?A: Odissi is the...


Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers

Gaudy Night is a mystery fiction novel written by Dorothy Sayers. The novel revolves around the life of Harriet Vane, a detective. The novel progresses through a series of events in the life of the protagonist with a sense of feminism. The character...


Hindi Vyanjan Chart

Here you can find Hindi Vyanjan chart easy to print.  The image is very suitable for the printer and uses lesser ink.  आप यहां से हिंदी व्यंजन प्रिंट कर सकते हैं .   (Visited 3...


Letter to brother (Wishing for Examinations)

Letter Writing is not a difficult task if you understand the format. Below is a sample of letter which can be used while writing to a brother wishing him for his final exams (and other such informal letters) The parts of the letters marked in blue...


All That Glitters is Not Gold

All That Glitters is Not Gold : Appearances are always deceiving We should not believe in something unless we are sure about it What appears good in the beginning might really be bad We should not mislead our mind by outward appearance So, it is...


Story on hard work is the key to success with pictures

Here we are with story on hard work is the key to success. It is the story of three diamond merchants who lost their wealth in robbery and how one of them earned his money and pride back because of his hard work only. Read a Moral story on hard...

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