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With new construction on the rise, the construction industry is experiencing a shortage in qualified workers.

As a result, many in the construction industry are turning to marketing and social media to find new recruits.

Here are just a few ways the construction industry is building more jobs through marketing and social media:

Construction Industry Marketing Practices

As the construction industry continues to recover, the need for qualified, skilled workers is quickly becoming a top priority.

In order to reach out to new recruits, construction companies of all sizes are turning to marketing and social media to fill their ever-growing job openings.

Among the tactics being deployed:

• Job Boards – A large majority of recruiters in the construction industry post their jobs on online job boards. Although job boards like Monster and Career Builder cover all kinds of careers, most construction recruiters focus their listings on construction specific job boards such as Careers in Construction and Construction Job Force.

• LinkedIn – Part social media site, part job board, LinkedIn is quickly growing in popularity with construction recruiters. There are currently more than 90,000 construction job openings listed on LinkedIn. This social site allows construction companies to promote their jobs, accept applications, and review qualifications quickly and easily.

• Facebook Outreach – There’s no ignoring the outreach potential of Facebook, which is why construction companies of all kinds are creating Facebook pages to spread the word about their companies and post job openings.

The headline “Construction Industry Officials Warn of Growing Worker Shortage” is just one of the reasons construction companies are boosting their outreach efforts.

Along with the examples above, here are just a few more marketing routes the construction industry is taking….


Onsite Marketing

Although online and social media marketing is quickly becoming the norm, traditional marketing still has its place. Construction sites naturally grab attention, which is why construction industry recruits are marketing job openings at their jobsites.

By posting “now hiring” and “help wanted” signs alongside company signs in front of jobsites, construction companies are finding more workers.

A number of companies are including their websites on their signage as well as encouraging workers to follow them on social sites like Instagram and Facebook.


Mobile Outreach

Construction recruiters are also turning to mobile marketing; this in an attempt to attract new recruits to the industry.

With SMS marketing, companies are able to connect with potential recruits directly on their mobile devices by sharing short codes that prompt more information on job openings.

Likewise, construction companies are also offering text alerts that notify text campaign subscribers when new jobs become available. This direct line of communication is helping increase outreach to new workers.

Website Job Openings

Tried and true methods are still being used in the construction industry to recruit new workers. This includes construction companies posting job openings directly on their websites.

By including a “work with us” page on their websites, construction companies can feature current job openings, job requirements and qualifications, and even accept digital applications. This makes the construction recruiting process much more streamlined.

When it comes to the recruiting process, the construction industry is finding success through marketing and social media.

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