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Physics is one of the most important subjects of the academics. This can be taught in different outlooks by giving similar illustrations, laboratory experiments for moving coil galvanometer or online coaching etc. However, many students find it difficult and complicated to learn. On  the other hand, elementary school kids and high school students feel that Physics is a complex subject. Why do the students feel this stream of the subject as a tough part? Is it the approach that matters? This article consists of tips and tricks on how to make learning Physics easier.

  • Level of learning – Each student’s learning pace is different. The teacher must understand the level of grasping that every kid is possessed with.
  • Interactive sessions – When a student is not interested in learning the subject, they tend to become restless. It is the tutor’s responsibility to keep the crown interactive by asking questions and encouraging them to answer.
  • Sorting skills – There are a few students who complain that they are capable of comprehending the concepts, however, they are unable to sort out the problems. The teacher should own an attribute of problem-solving skills.
  • Teach right – A good physics lecture primarily consists of the derivation of equations, demonstration and explaining the laws. For instance, lens formula can be demonstrated in the lab sessions. When the lessons are taught in the lab, it will be easy for the students to understand it.
  • Incorporate different way of teaching – The best way to keep the students engaged and interested during the class hours is by introducing unique ways of teaching. By organising outdoor classes, industry visits, giving the students an opportunity to perform lab experiments and E-learning. As the students are inclined towards technology, E-learning is the apt way to make them understand the concepts.

Follow the above-mentioned tricks to keep the students occupied for the complete session. To know more subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel –

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