Book Fair


Book Fair :

  • Books are a source of knowledge
  • Books are brought for sale and display in a book fair
  • Book fair is considered a grand festival for those who love books
  • Book Fairs induce our interest on reading books
  • We can know more about books that we never heard before

Book Fair : (Short Essay)

There are many people who think books as a part of their life. Books enrich our education and knowledge. There are many books that change the way we look our life. Book fairs bring many rare and unknown books in place. In a book fair, we can see various stalls that have books of different categories. Books in each stall will be arranged in an orderly manner in shelves. The guides/shopkeepers will help us to know more about the books. Books on Biographies, Autobiographies, Literature, Science and many other fields can be found in a book fair. A Book Fair is a good place for a One Day Visit for students from school.

Book Fair : (Brief Essay)

A fair is a center of attraction for lot o people in one single place. Book Fairs are similar events that attract a lot of people  irrespective of cast, creed or religion.

Books from various fields like Science, Technology, Literature, Biography and so on will be displayed in a Book Fair. Book fairs are indeed a feast of books.

In a book fair, we can generally see both Indian and international books. We can also see books from various Indian Languages and we can buy those that impress us. Like us, so many people visit the fair on a daily basis. They buy books and place order for more books that are not available at that time.

The National Book Trust of India organizes Book Fairs/Exhibitions all over India at various levels for promotion of books and reading. The largest Book fair in the world is The Frankfurt Book fair of Germany.

A Book Fair in general has separate book stalls. Each book stall has various books based on categories/fields/authors/language. We can see Children’s books, Subject-oriented books, books Arts, Science and Technology and various other fields in a book fair. Religious books can also be found in a book fair.

The most attractive part of a book fair is that books are available in discount rates/gift schemes. People can sit in the waiting places and have a short gist on books before they buy them. Visiting book fairs can induce us to read books. Knowing more books can help us to decide on which books would provoke our knowledge. Instead of hanging out with friends to have junk food or to watch movies, planning a visit to book fair is an effective way to spend time.

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