An Unforgettable Journey To Italy!


Travel gains knowledge and experience. If you haven’t visited Italy yet and are planning for a vacation there, then, Perillo Tours will direct you to Italy to have a wonderful and enriching experience. Italy, the globalized nation, the sixth best reputed country in Europe takes the fourth place in highest tourism earner. So you can very well imagine how beautiful the place can be. you step down to Italy, it welcomes you with a festival atmosphere; because every month of the year has an interesting festival in Italy. The customs and traditions are exceptional in Italy; given to its rich art, architecture and traditional values.

Rome, the capital of Italy, has many interesting sightseeing places that include monuments, churches, museums, renaissance places, and so on. The first and the foremost tourist attraction in Italy is the Colosseum, the Flavian Amphitheater located at the heart of Rome. This elliptical amphitheater is considered as the greatest work of Rome’s architecture and engineering.

After you have visited the Vatican and St. Peter’s in Rome, trip to Venice, a scenic city, constructed in the middle of a lagoon. At the heart of this beautiful and romantic city you will find Piazza San Marco with its glorious church. Milan the hub for stylish shops, restaurants, and galleries is a shopper’s delight. Rich in art and culture, Milan is considered one of the richest cities in Europe.

If you’re at the south of Italy, then don’t miss Naples, one of the most vibrant cities of Italy, known for its ancient, historic, and artistic resources. The medieval center Verona, with the romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet associated with it tops the list of all romantics. Ultimately, your travel to Italy may never be complete without visiting Turin, Bologna, Perugia, and Genoa. One visit to Italy will never seem enough. The beauty and culture of Italy is sure to allure you back.

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