An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop


An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop :

  • Idleness in a person becomes the root of all evils.
  • Evil thoughts enter a person’s brain only when he remains idle.
  • When the mind is filled with fruitful and good ideas, there is no room for evil.
  • Idleness leads to evil thoughts and desires such as cheating, gossiping, etc.

An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop : (Short Essay)

An Idle Brain is the Devil’s Workshop. Evil thoughts enter our brain easily when we remain idle. When a man has nothing to do all sorts of evil ideas come to his mind. This will turn the man into a Devil. The mind of a man cannot remain vacant for a long time unless it is occupied with fruitful ideas, it will turn to bad thoughts.

When a person has nothing to do, he naturally becomes lazy because of his idleness. This is when he starts thinking of evil things. But when a person is occupied with work, he does not have time to dwell on anything but his own work. So we should never be idle but stay occupied with work and keep ourselves busy.

An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop : (Brief Essay)

Keeping our brain idle becomes the root cause for all evils. Human brain needs to be always occupied with thoughts or else it can end up harming the wrong way. This is because when a person is idle he becomes lazy and soon the laziness makes oneself go for easy ways of earning like stealing or cheating. Similarly when a women is idle at home, she becomes preoccupied with thoughts about other people, leading to gossiping and more.

One thing leads to another and likewise Idleness leads to evil. It is clear that the unemployment is a social evil that affects the lives of the unemployed and the students. It is necessary that the government and society has to take measures to curb the problem as early as possible. Also students who are unemployed should be engaged in all kids of extracurricular activities to keep their mind away from evil thoughts and desires.

Idleness basically makes anyone feel worthless. Not engaging in any activity tend to let a man’s brain over-think and sometimes, not even think at all. In either cases, it can lead you to do things that are harmful for you and the other around you in the long run. Idle people are more vulnerable to excessive eating, depression, and over-indulgence in abuse/drugs. It can also cause impatience, lethargy and short-temperedness. This is why it is said idleness is the root of all harms.

Human mind should always be filled with noble thoughts and intellectual ideas that are productive and useful. Only a cultured mind can get rid of all evils. So one should be conscious of one’s evil thoughts from the effects of idleness or else our brains will turn out to be a Devil’s work-shops.

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