All That Glitters is Not Gold


All That Glitters is Not Gold :

  • Appearances are always deceiving
  • We should not believe in something unless we are sure about it
  • What appears good in the beginning might really be bad
  • We should not mislead our mind by outward appearance
  • So, it is true that “All that glitters is not Gold”

All That Glitters is Not Gold : (Short Essay)

Every one of us knows that Gold is a valuable metal. It is expensive and attractive. Any jewel made of Gold would shine and catch anyone’s eye. But, very often to the appearance of a fake jewel can also mislead us the conclusion that it is gold. So we should be very careful while looking at a jewel. Similarly, in man’s life certain things and few people conceal their true nature and act smart to gain attention. Like a fake jewels glitters and robs our eyes, fake people might misguide with their smart actions. We should be aware of such people and stay away from them. It is always wise to remember that “All that glitters is not gold”.

All That Glitters is Not Gold : (Brief Essay)

Outward appearance is always a misleading factor. We should always analyze and think twice before creating a perception on a person.

We all know that Gold is a very valuable metal and anything made of Gold is very attractive. If we have seen a gold jewel, we would know that in general Gold has glittering appearance glittering appearance too. This has an inner meaning; though Gold glitters it does not But it does not mean anything glitters is gold. Sometimes, even valueless things look like gold;  but we analyze before concluding.

The same applies in human life. We would come across people who are beautiful and attractive. They would speak so softly and behave very polite that we believe they are gentlemen. But in reality, that might not be their true character. Similarly, some people sound harsh and speak straight. But, they might be genuine and that is why they are staright forward. By their behavior alone we should not come to a conclusion that they are bad.

So, we understand that we should not judge anyone by their appearance or just one incident. We should judge a person based on his/her character that we analyze and conclude after being with them.

Therefore, it is a great and well said proverb that explains all this in a single line:

“All that glitters is not gold”

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