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A memorable event from your school days


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 243 with Model Answer:

Describe a memorable event from your school days.

You should say:

  • what class you were then
  • what event it was
  • why it is still memorable

and explain how you feel about this event now.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

To everyone, school days are considered as the best days of their life and they remember the memories for the rest of their life. I also have numerous memories of my school days and I miss the day when I got caught for school bunking.

Recently I have passed my college and now waiting for university admission. When I sit for studying the university admission materials, the past days appear before my eyes. I start missing the days. I was a student of the seventh grade at the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Hazratpur in Firozabad. There were some other students with me and we had formed a group. All of the group members used to occupy the last benches. Thus we were named as the ‘backbenchers’. Most of the times, the troubles in the class were created by us. But the teachers did not punish us severely or seriously as we were top students in the class as well. After any of the trouble, it became a policy of the teachers that they would ask us questions about our study and they could not make us stop with the academic issues. So, they could not punish us. Moreover, some of the students of the class were in our favour and thus we got rid of all the troubles.

But one day, luck did not favour us. Unfortunately, none of the backbenchers have brought the copy that was used to answer the questions. So, we planned to bunk the class. In fact, we planned to bunk the school that day. Accordingly, all of us got out of school boundary by scaling the wall. Everything went right until one of us failed to cross the wall. He could not cross the wall and fell on the ground. He got injured and shouted for help. His shout attracted everyone. The school staffs came for his help and inquired about how he fell down. The boy told everything about the school bunking. When the boy was asked about the names, he described everything about us. He told about our names and rolls numbers to identify us. We were identified!

The event is still memorable for several reasons. Firstly we termed the issue as treacherous to our group. He could have controlled everything by saying something different. But he did not. Rather he trapped us all. Accordingly, the next day, we were asked to explain the issue with the presence of our guardians before the school principal. It was really difficult for us to face the principal with our parents. But we had no other ways left for that. So, we appeared before the principal and underwent different aggressive words against us. The principal reported our parents that he had inquired about the issue and came to know that we regularly bunk classes. In fact, we were becoming bad boys. We had connections with the other bad boys of the locality and to pass our time with them after we bunked the school. But the principal was wrong. We escaped school on those days when we forgot to bring home works or could not complete the tasks given by the teachers. Unfortunately, we did not have any chance to amend the mistake committed by the principal.

When I remember the event today, I laugh out loud. All of the backbenchers were beaten by their parents and I also had the share. The beating started at the principal’s room and ended at our residence. My parents did not allow me to eat something for the entire day as punishment of bunking the classes. The situations were similar in the other houses as well. All of the backbenchers were punished. At that moment, we made the boy liable who fell down from the wall during the escape. Though we removed the boy from our group and allowed few others to make the group heavier. After that day, we behaved like good pupils in the class and all the teachers cancelled our seats at the back bench. But it was for a few days. Everything went the same. We went back to our old place and started bunking but this time we were serious about the issue lest we do not get caught like the last time. When I remember the event now, I feel how childish I was in those days. In fact, everyone was childish in their school days.

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