A Child Called ‘It’ by David Pelzer – Book Review

The book titled A Child Called ‘It’ is written by David Pelzer. The primary concept of the book is to expose the trauma of victims of child abuse. The book shows how a child could lead a life hurting physically, emotionally, and sexually. The author clearly depicts the reality of child abuse, allowing his readers to experience its impact and trauma.

About the Author:

Dave Pelzer is a contemporary American author and activist. He is a survivor of childhood abuse, and his books speak about the trauma of abuse and his aftereffects. He has written several autobiographical as well as self-help books. He has been an inspiration to people who have been victimized. One of his best known books is A Child Called It, which is a memoir of his childhood abuse.

About the Book:

A Child Called It speaks about the real-life incidents of the author in his childhood days. The book depicts the traumatic incidents endured by a small boy. His determination is what helped him survive the abusive situation and overcome it. As a boy, Dave was a child abuse victim, and was ill-treated by his own mother. Dave was left to live in a miserable position, because of his ignorant father and the alcoholic mother. When both of them failed to protect him, he felt distressed and dejected. However, even during the times he was abandoned, his school teachers supported him by nurturing and showing some love. It was they who set him ‘free’ from the atrocious ‘so-called’ home.

The author says that though the abuse and trauma has ended, he can feel the vibes of it still lingering in his mind. The severe child abuse he experienced from his mother such as brutal beating, starving, tortuous games and more left him emotionally wounded. All of the abuse comes to an end only when the police intervenes and takes Dave from his mother to foster care.

The entire book gives a take home message of child abuse and how it should be treated as a serious problem in the society. Despite all the filthy and atrocious narrations of the incidents, the author tries to present a real-life situation in which he endured. The courage and determination of Dave had led him come out of the dark to making a life for himself. He is now a public speaker and activist, involving with various organizations for the welfare of child abuse victims.

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