7 Best Travel applications for your Apple device


Confused planning your trip? Are you wondering about exploring the world with your friends and family during this coming vacation? No matter what your travel plans are, you can always choose your iPad or iPhone as the most trust worthy companion for your travel.

Your Apple device would not only keep you in contact with your friends and family members, in addition to that, it has got a plethora of apps that would help you plan your trip in a smoother way. Apart from your hotel booking apps, flight apps and finding the route to reach a destination, weather app is another essential element in your device.

Here are some of the best travel applications for your Apple device:

1. WeatherBug

If you aren’t aware of the weather forecast before planning your trip, chances are there that your entire travel plan can be ruined. Therefore, Weather Bug is one of an essential component of your device that keeps you updated about the weather forecast with alert notifications. You can keep a track of the local temperature of the area, pressure, humidity, precipitation range through Doppler radar effect as well as choose to customise your weather data based on your personal requirements.

2. TripIt

When you are traveling, TripIt helps you organize your travel plans in a smoother way. It keeps you updated about your car rental information, hotel bookings, flight details as well as your restaurant bookings. You can get all the things at this single place and may even choose to keep it linked to your email so that it becomes easier for you to track things.

3. YPlan

Landing up to a new city, you might be looking for some fun moments to night. In that case, YPlan is the best application to help you find your deal. It notifies you with a curated list of the best events that are located near to you. Apart from finding the events, it also allows you to book a ticket and attend the event, to make sure you don’t feel bored in the foreign land.

4. PackPoint

Packing the bag before you set out for a travel is certainly one of the most boring jobs that you would need to do. PackPoint makes it easier for you to do. The app reduces all your effort and keeps on providing you suggestions about the things that you need to take along with you on the trip based upon your to-do list.

5. Yelp

Yelp keeps you updated with the best bars, shops, and restaurants at your place. You would not feel lost at the place since this app will provide you with all the details, right from the date of establishment of that bar or restaurant to that of the available deals over there. You may also choose to search your filters and find the best deal for yourself.

6. Lyft

It serves travelers by providing them an option to schedule their taxi ride as well as help you remain informed about the stuff that has been happening near to your location. Getting a cab becomes easier with this app, particularly when you are in a hurry and the drivers are background checked, so your safety is deliberately prioritized.

7. Trip Splitter

Trip Splitter keeps a track of your expenditure while you are on a trip. It allows you to split your bills as well keep a record of the expenditure of each member of the trip. This is a pretty useful app, particularly when you are traveling in a group. It splits your bills and lets you know how your finances are being fared on the trip.

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