500 words Essay on Untouchability a social evil


Here we are with 500 words Essay on Untouchability a social evil describing about the ill effects of untouchability and how we can eradicate this problem from our society. Read about Essay on Untouchability.

Essay on Untouchability

India a largest democracy in the world is divided in many caste and religions. We can say that India is the only country that is governed by Caste System and in spite of every possible efforts we are not able to remove this system. Traditionally, Indian society was divided into four groups Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra and our rural society which is not perfectly educated is effected the most. Because of the Caste System, untouchability is prevailing in Indian society. It has its roots deep down in our social and religious system. Untouchables were not allowed to touch things, drink water from the tanks of town, they were not allowed to go at Hindu temples, and they were prohibited from marrying member from another caste.

The caste known as Shudra are considered as untouchables, many so called superior castes consider other inferior to them. It was Mahatma Gandhi who started campaign against untouchability and said “untouchability is the hateful expression of caste system and it is a crime against God and man”. Mahatma Gandhi lovingly called the untouchables as Harijans, means the people of God. The untouchable castes suffer from various social and political disabilities many of which are traditionally prescribed and socially enforced by higher castes. The problem of untouchability is the most sinful among all other social evils as it deprived the many from their right of living. The problem become more serious in our rural areas where untouchables are not considered even as humans.

Untouchability is prevailing in our society from the ancient times. Who are untouchables? According to Manu Smriti, the people who are into the lower occupations such as scavenging, leather work, sanitation, removal of the cattle and dead bodies and so on are to be regarded as untouchables. But they are the most important part of our society, imagine if they are not into these professions than earth will become the pile of garbage and dead bodies. Our government made many laws against untouchability but all are in vain till we do not understand our collective responsibility and come forward to eradicate this social evil from its roots. However there are measures with which problem of untouchability can be removed like increasing education among the untouchables so that they can get better jobs and improve their economic conditions. We all should learn to treat others at equal level, it is the personal perspective of a person that how to get superior with own skills and talent not by caste or profession only.

We all are born as humans and has equal rights of humanity and survival. Any caste or society does not have the right to treat any other living being inferiorly based on anything especially their caste and profession. People today should accept this fact and treat everyone equally then only our society will be free from the evil of untouchability. Caste and class are only documentaries nobody is superior or inferior because of it.

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