5 Steps to a Better India – Speech


5 Steps to a Better India

Good Morning everybody!

It is a fine and pleasant morning; it is a great pleasure addressing each and every one of you on this special day!

The cultural heritage of India is worth listening to and recalling the same is the need of the hour.

A country with rich tradition that can never be matched by another nation – but today, India is far behind many countries. Why is it so?

If we really think about this, we would come up up with different answers. But narrowing down the most important aspects that need attention is quite significant.

Where did we Indians lag behind? What do we lack that other countries have in abundant? Who needs to be focused on so that we can become a strong nation? With all my detailed information, I have come up with 5 simple and efficient steps to a better India:

  • Eradication of poverty
  • Solving unemployment problem
  • Providing Free Education to everyone
  • Bringing down gender imparities
  • Supporting Farmers and embracing Indian Products

May be, it is time now you wonder are these simple steps? Yet by individual participation of every citizen these steps can be easily achieved.

Ending poverty in all forms is the first step towards a wealthy nation. Eradication of poverty means sustainable development and this leads to a secure planet. Human race requires social protection by all means and when India ensures to every citizen that is the day when we are a strong nation.

For this, we can implement the next 2 steps: Solving unemployment problem and Providing Free Education to everyone. By providing education, we ensure that people of every class become eligible for a better life. Free education to all is the best solution for this. Adult education is also important in our country by which many old age people can gain forms of skills, attitudes, or values. Further to this, employment opportunities should be widen so that eligible candidates get a job worthwhile.

Be it in education or in employment, removing gender imparities will definitely take India to greater heights. It is an era where women have started stepping out of their home towards achievements. Only when we give them a fair chance, India can be a super power with purely skilled heads in all fields.

Above all is our fullest part in Supporting Farmers and embracing Indian Products. Already, we are fascinated towards foreign products. But it is high time we realize that only if we support the products that are based in India we can make our country a wealthy nation. Farmers deserve our attention and buying from them will make them rich; India richer.

Though a speech like this would gain attention in a small crowd, the steps that I mentioned need the attention of a bigger crowd. If every one of you agrees with the steps I put forward as the best for our nation, please spread it across.

Let’s Make India a Better Nation! The dreams are not so far as we think!

Jai Hind!

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