5 Hot Jobs for Every Travel Enthusiast


Who does not love travelling, exploring new places, wondering across borders and having a joyful time in the midst of nature? There is a travelling bug insider every person, some of us embrace it while some ignore it. While few consider travelling as a hobby; for rest of us it’s a luxury that we cannot afford!

What if, you get to earn as a traveler?

What if you get a job that not only give you big fat cheque, but also allow you to travel the world?

Yes, you heard it right!

With the changing job structure and increasing globalization, India now has tons of jobs opportunities for freshers. Distributed in several niches, these jobs not only provide employment opportunities but also allow a candidate to peruse his/her hobby and earn.

In this article, we are going to explore 5 hot career option that a travelling enthusiast has in India:

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a perfect and top most option for every job seeker who is a travel lover. Starting from the fascinating documentaries to the wildlife photography of National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel; Wildlife photography is an apt option for those in love with Mother Nature. Spend your days, weeks and months in the midst of forest, get rid of all the routine work and yelling boss with this adventurous career option.

International Journalist

World of news and media also allow an aspirant to travel the world. Rise of 24/7 media has given boost to the correspondent and reporters job market in and across India. An international correspondent gets to travel the world and break his boundaries. If you think you have what it takes to be a good reporter or media personal, this may be a perfect career choice just for you.

English Teacher

There is a huge demand of English teachers in the Non-English speaking countries of the world. However, it is not as glamorous as wildlife photography or journalism, but English teacher work internationally with non-profit agencies and government bodies to help poor/underdeveloped nations communicate with rest of the world.


Fly a plane across the world. If you are someone with a science degree could easily enroll themselves with government recognized flight school and earn a professional flying degree. Government also provide numerous scholarships for a pilot aspirant in India.

International Flight Attendant

An apt career option for all those who are not inclined towards academics. International flight attendant or airhostess not only allow you to travel the world, but it also allow you to earn well without having a solid academic background.

Final Word

Non-conventional by nature, these jobs provide amazing future to the employment market of our country. If you have the passion and enthusiasm, start filling out the applications right away.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/01/2016

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