450 words Essay on importance of hostel life


Here we are with 450 words Essay on importance of hostel life describing why hostel life is good for students and help them to become a responsible person. Read Essay on importance of hostel life.

Essay on importance of hostel life

Student life is the most important time of human life. This is the time when a person future gets shaped and keep the foundation of his successful life. The hard work, dedication and efforts made by students at this time make their future pleasant and successful. Students who live near their schools come back to home after studying. Parents take care of them and their daily needs. But students who study far from their home or hometown have to live in Hostel for accommodation, food and other facilities.

Hostel is like the second house of the students. Many students live in hostels away from their home to get better education. Hostel is the place where many students live together in one premises sharing the facilities and food that develops the habit of sharing and caring among them. In hostel 2 to 6 students share a same room. Every room is equipped with basic needs like shelves or cupboards to keep the luggage, beds, desk and chairs, lighting etc. which students require in daily work.

Every hostel has a warden who take care of students and efficiently arrange all the facilities for them. Many other employees such as cleaner, washer, cook, storekeeper, doctor etc. work hard to make students comfortable and not to miss their home comforts. Students eat their all meals in a mess where everyone gets the same food and ambiance that teach them the lesson of equality. The cost of the hostel runs from the fees received from the parents of the students.

There are many advantages of studying in the hostel. There is a fix schedule for everything, wake and sleep on time, eat at the time, reads, writes on time, and entertains on time which makes the students to understand the value of time and this habit remain with them for whole life. The student who live in their homes depend on their parents and servants for most of the task. But students live in hostel do many things at their own. Students live in hostel are more independent, responsible and confident.

Though there are lot of benefits to stay in the hostel but there are some disadvantages too. Students who live away from their family can fall into bad company easily. He can become the victim of drug addiction, smoking, gambling, drinking etc. because there was no one to keep eye on them. But if parents prepare them well before sending to hostel than they can overcome from it and hostel life can become boon for them. It’s very important to talk with your children before sending them to hostel otherwise if you send them against their wish it can leave negative impact on them.

Overall, hostel life is the most important period of any student’s life. It makes them self-supporting, self-sufficient and efficient.

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