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Here we are with 400 words Essay on Poverty in India describing about the cause of poverty and how we can rid from this social evil to make India a prosperous nation for all where everyone can rejoice the fundamental rights equally. Read about Essay on Poverty in India.

Essay on Poverty in India

Poverty is one of the major problems in India. It is the root cause of many socio-economic problems including population explosion, unemployment, rising graph of crimes and child labor. Poverty reduction or poverty alleviation should be the main target of any developing nation to get prosperous and developed country.

Poverty implies a condition in which a person fails to meet his basic requirements like food, resident, job, cloth, sanitation and education. India is the home to the world’s largest proportion of the poor and the problem of poverty is acute in villages. Even prevalence of poverty is not uniform all across India. Poverty should not be considered as single problem as it is a raising alarm for many other social evils so it become necessary to deal the problem with lots of care and sensitivity.

What are the causes of poverty? There are lots of reasons behind poverty in developing nations like India. Rapidly growing population, poor Agriculture practice, unequal distribution of wealth, unemployment, corruption, illiteracy are some of the major causes of poverty in India. Gap between the rich and the poor getting wider day by day is also responsible for India’s poverty. Not only economic reasons are responsible for poverty but there are many social causes such as untouchability, Caste system, and reservation policies equally responsible.

To eliminate the poverty from India our government and many NGOs working together. Poverty can be eliminated by providing more employment opportunities so that people become able to meet their basic needs. Many programs like Integrated Rural Development Programme, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana and Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme have started with a view to eliminate poverty in the rural sector. Establishment of Small Scale Industries can be also helpful in eradicating the poverty. To get rid from poverty we have to fill the growing gap between rich and poor so that all can have same level of living at least the basic facilities should be equal for all. Free education, population control, equal chances of growth, removal of social evils, more employment opportunities, Agricultural growth, Speedy Development of Infrastructure and many more measures can make India poverty free.

Remember we should hate poverty not the poor, it’s our social responsibility to work together and fill the gap between the two parts of society- Rich and poor. Sharing is caring is the best way to get rid from poverty and make India a prosperous nation for all.

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